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CPG Companies to Shift Shopper Marketing Budgets to Paid Search

Between 2% and 4.3% of grocery buying now happens through digital channels. As consumer behavior changes, CPG marketers, largely comprised of grocers, are trying new tactics to reach their audience.

Kathy Crosett November 12, 2018 Media + Marketing Tags:

Large CPG Marketers Shifting to Digital

Marketers who are promoting branded packaged foods have been feeling pinched ever since the recession started. Some consumers have been migrating to less-expensive private label products. Other consumers are spending more money on fresh products and local or regional brands. According to an Advertising Age write-up that covered the industry’s Consumer Analyst Group meeting, these marketers are realizing they need a fresh product development approach and increased investment in digital media.

CPG Marketers to Increase Direct-to-Consumer Promotions

While consumers still show an interest in buying private label products, consumer packaged goods (CPG) manufacturers are looking for a way to revive sales of their branded items. One way to bring about change is to directly market and sell to consumers according to a new Grocery Manufacturers Association Report. This process may also involve encouraging brand evangelists to participate in product innovation and design.

CPG Marketers to Spend on Mobile in 2013

CPG manufacturers have been struggling to convince consumers to purchase more expensive branded products ever since the recession cut into the household budget. With the job market and the economy finally improving, CPG marketers are showing a willingness to spend more on advertising, especially in the mobile market. This spending may be their ticket to higher sales.

Best of 2012: CPG Producers to Optimize Online Marketing Spending

This year, new research surfaced on how super-consumers drive sales of newly released consumer packaged goods (CPG). Now there's more data out on the link between online advertising and the resulting increasing in consumer purchases of CPG.  All of this focus on the CPG category may have marketers in that segment rethinking their advertising strategy.

Best of 2012: CPG Trade Promotion, Co-op Ads Shifting to Digital in 2012

Consumer goods companies continue to pour money into trade promotion to boost sales. The typical company spends between 11% and 30% on the effort. These budgets are divided between trade marketing and consumer marketing. In 2012, the latest research suggests that consumer goods companies will increase their digital consumer promotions significantly. Many of these promotions

CPG Market To See Innovation, More Advertising

The trend started during the recession. More consumers began purchasing private label products from their favorite grocery store. Some of these stores note that their private label products now account for between 19%-26% of total sales. With this trend firmly entrenched, marketing strategies are changing.

CPG Trade Promotion to Shift to Dollar, Convenience and Drug Channels

The recession may be ending, but the thrifty habits consumers developed during lean times are here to stay. Evidence of these habits is found in the rising power of the dollar store segment. Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) companies are taking note and shifting their marketing strategies as a result of this trend.

Higher Ad Budgets Generating Sales Increases for CPG Firms

During tough economic conditions, businesses are often tempted to cut marketing budgets. Advertising experts typically say that’s the wrong strategy. The recent experiences of a few large consumer packaged goods (CPG) marketers show that higher ad budgets make a difference.

e‑Tailers and CPG Firms Join Forces

Earlier this week, I discussed the growing problem CPG (consumer packaged goods) marketers face when selling against store brand products at traditional retail sites. One way to improve sales is to sell CPG online. This strategy has definite advantages and online is a growing channel for CPG according to RetailNet Group but manufacturers will need to work with their etail partners to succeed.

CPG Firms to Shift Marketing in Growing Competition with Store Brands

Consumer products marketers have spent plenty of time and money distinguishing their brands. But the Great Recession changed the shopping habits of consumers who were driven to purchase only on price. While many marketers expected consumers to return to their favorite brands as the economy improved, new research shows that the purchase process may be more complicated.

Manufacturers Align Advertising with Retailers to Increase Key Sales Weeks

CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods) manufacturers have a long history of advertising both directly to consumers and jointly with retailers through trade promotions or co-op funds. Kantar Media has been studying the advertising trends for CPG firms. The company has just released new information through DirectHeat, which monitors the way CPG companies advertise with retailers as partners.

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