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79% of Americans Love Creating Things from Scratch

"A recent online survey conducted by Ipsos on behalf of digital lifestyle learning platform, Bluprint, reveals that nearly nine in ten adults who participate in creative activities say that successfully finishing a creative project brings them joy (88%). At least three quarters also say that they love the process of creating something from scratch (79%) — and even though they may make mistakes along the way, it doesn’t take away from their enjoyment (75%). However, just over two thirds admit they wish they got to use their creativity more in life (68%), and this is especially true for younger adults (74% of those age 18–34 vs. 61% of those age 55+)."

Westwood One Study: Podcast Ads Shine in Driving Call-to-Action Metrics

If your clients haven’t explored the topic of podcast advertising, they’re in the minority. At least 70% of marketers have considered, or have already shifted money into, podcast advertising.

Do Your Sales Stories Reveal Strength of Character?

Have you received a review from a known industry professional or authority figure? Make sure to include it in your sales story; you’ll enjoy the transfer of power and influence.

Marketers Emphasize Creative to Boost Sales

With all the attention given to whether a marketer should shift media spending from traditional to online formats, it might be easy to lose sight of an important essential in advertising. comScore highlighted this problem in a recent present release. It’s all about creativity. Based on comScore’s findings, marketers need to focus on the creative aspect of their campaigns to boost their brands.