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Why Cross-Platform Marketing is Critical to Both B2B and B2C Businesses

Emotionally-driven customers of either business type find the customer journey extremely important. However, with a slew of both traditional and digital marketing efforts driving the buying process, it can be difficult for businesses to effectively track the customer journey and, therefore, provide further personalization.

Over 36% of Marketers Plan to Start Using Audience-Based Cross-Channel Targeting

Marketers want to use more cross-channel advertising, but they're running into problems. A new report outlines the challenges faced by cross-media buying marketers, along with their audience-based targeting, and proposes a few solutions.

Cross-Platform Campaigns Generating Big Returns

Marketers are constantly looking for proof that their cross-channel campaigns are working. A new study carried out by Comcast Media 30 with TiVo Research and Analytics (TRA) delivers evidence that multi-screen campaigns reach separate audiences in distinct ways and drive sales long after the campaign ends.

Cross-Channel Marketing Challenges to Increase

Marketers not only have to get their ad campaign right, they have to do so in multiple channels. The biggest challenge facing enterprises in this situation is to understand how to engage with customers in several formats. New research shows that marketers are struggling with limited budgets and technology while they try to reach optimal campaign performance in the cross-channel world.

More Marketers to Promote Cross-Channel Services

Like it or not, marketers are finding they must excel in cross-channel retailing to satisfy consumers. According to Compete.com’s Online Shopper Intelligence report, consumers “are increasingly utilizing offline and online data when shopping.” And consumers exhibit a wide range of behavior using the various channels regardless of whether they purchase an item online or in the store.

Marketers to Increase Cross-Channel Promotion

Consumers have long used multiple channels to research and purchase products. In many ways, the Internet has improved consumers’ ability to find what they are looking for but they continue to turn to traditional resources such as catalogs. And while catalogs still matter, they are becoming more of a research than purchase tool these days.

Many Retailers Need to Improve Cross-Channel Strategies

Multichannel retailers are making progress in offering shopping services across channels, but some still fail to use the cross-channel experience to increase sales, The E‑tailing Group says in a new study. Three particular areas where retailers need to improve are: failing to provide same-day or next-day in-store pickup of products ordered online; not training store clerks to cross-sell to online shoppers who arrive to pick up web orders; and not displaying across each retail channel integrated merchandising, promotions and marketing material.