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Insurance Companies to Promote Cruise Refund Policies

InsureMyTrip, the travel insurance authority, today announced the results of its annual cruise survey. The new poll of roughly 1,440 U.S. respondents reveals that getting sick or injured before or during a cruise remains the top concern for travelers. Health-related issues also led the majority of travel insurance claims for cruise vacations.

Travel Trends Cruising into 2018

While travelers can certainly sail to the warm climes of the Caribbean in 2018, there are a host of other sailing vacations in store as well. Experts see trends in sailing rivers, gambling, immerse experiences, short hops and world-class entertainment. Families can travel to child-friendly spaces or book luxury cabins.

Travel Planners Set Sail with Trends in Cruising for 2017

Cruise Lines International Association has released the 2017 State of the Cruise Industry Outlook, which details a steady pace of cruise travel interest and significant investment in the industry. CLIA also predicts the top eight cruise travel trends that will have an impact on the industry in the coming year.