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Do Your Clients' Email Results Look Like This?

Email continues to be an effective and personalized way for marketers to connect with consumers. That said, your clients should be tracking whether their email campaign ROI stats are as good as or better than what their competitors are experiencing.

How to Help Your Clients Surpass the .05% CTR Rate

Display advertising still commands a significant portion of online ad spending. But how's that really working for your clients? Let’s take a look.

Travel Apps Generate Top Tablet CTRs, Productivity Tools Rule for Smartphones

As marketers continue to tweak their mobile strategy, they’re anxious to know which strategies are working well. The mobile market is fragmented between tablets and smartphones so it’s important to understand how consumers are engaging with each type of device. Millennial Media consistently releases quarterly data showing top mobile devices, operating systems and consumer use of specific types of portals or apps. Their statistics can serve as a guideline for marketers who want to know which promotions are generating CTRs.