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2 Tips to Keep Your Service from Becoming Obsolete

When was the last time you updated your customer service plan? If your response was a scoff thinking that your service plan doesn’t need updates, think again.


3 Reasons Your Clients May be Leaving

If you’ve promised your clients that customer service is your number one priority and yet are still losing them, there are a number of things that may have gone wrong. Here are a few common mistakes CustomerThink says salespeople make fairly regularly.


3 Client Types You Haven't Customized a Service Plan For

We all know that each client is different and so their customer service plan must be unique to them as well. However, not many salespeople take the time to think through more than just, “Should I call or email my client?” According to CustomerThink’s Niamh Reed, customer service plans need to be way more versatile than that, especially when a new customer is learning to utilize your product or service.


Ignite Client Engagement with 3 Easy Methods

Engaged clients are happy clients. But that’s not always an easy task for a busy salesperson. So, what are some relatively easy ways to offer quality customer engagement and service?

Are You Guilty of Making These Customer Service Mistakes?

These common customer service mistakes could be costing you clients. Here's what they are and how to fix them.

Could Your Company Pass a Random Customer Service Test?

How would your company fare if your customer service was randomly tested without your knowledge? Based on SuperOffice's research, not well.

37% of Frequent Business Reviewers Post BAD Experiences

According to the Sprout Social Index, most brands ignore 7 in 8 messages on social media. That‰Ûªs 7 in 8 social messages to brands going unanswered within 72 hours. Despite significant gains in the perception and value of social media, many brands remain unmoved in the quest to institute a fully functioning social communication strategy, says the Sprout report.

Despite Technology Focus, CMOs Still Aim to Engage Customers

CMOs are constantly analyzing the best way to prioritize their responsibilities. For most, customer engagement tops the list. The new Korn/Ferry Marketing Pulse Survey suggests that CMOs will expand their use of predictive analytics this year but also contained some surprises about which marketing channels will be most popular.

Businesses to Use Customer Engagement as Marketing Tool

As the era of push marketing comes to a close, businesses are seeking ways to increase their touch points with consumers. Each touch point, whether it is in customer service or sales, offers an opportunity to build a relationship and showed be viewed as a marketing tool. Yet, many businesses have been slow to embrace touch points as marketing opportunities.