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How High is this Pivotal Part of Sales on Your Priority List?

Did you know that existing customers are 60% – 70% more likely to buy what you are selling than a potential client is?

How Do YOU Make Customer Relationships More Valuable?

When you ask your clients how they are, do you often get the answer, "busy?" Ryan Estis says "busy" is the new "fine" in small-talk responses these days. "Your customers are overwhelmed, time-poor and expect you to deliver more value, consistently."

Relationship Marketing Programs About To Change

Marketers realize the landscape is changing but are they responding in the right ways to improve relationships with customers? According to a recent survey of 1to1 Media subscribers, “there is a disconnect between theory and practice.” Thewhitepaper issued by Peppers & Rogers Group on this topic considers the disconnect as it analyzes what marketers need to do differently to improve customer relationships.

Dig A Little Deeper

Do your client relationships need a boost? Consultant Mike Hunter has an easy strategy to add more depth to your relationships, and it's one that can be put into action right away.

An Acronym to Sell By

LOL. BRB. ROTFL. Among many others, these acronyms have crept into our daily lexicon. I recently came across a blog post by Dave Brock, a sales consultant, who introduced me to a very important acronym in the sales industry: WIIFM.

Show Your Clients the Love

While you may be spending February 14th showing your significant other how much you love and appreciate him or her, have you taken the time to show your feelings of appreciation to your clients?

Pay Attention

Whether making a cold call or leaving a voicemail for a client, make sure you're giving it your full attention.

Scope Out Their Space

Not all meetings take place in boardrooms.

Too Much Excellence?

It’s no secret that client retention is important.

Keep Up on First-Person Feedback

Companies spend millions on sending out consumer surveys, conducting polls, and organizing focus groups.

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