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Patience: The First Step to Calming an Angry Client

You’ve heard that a loyal client is more valuable than spending your energy attempting to acquire new ones. When that client is angry, take immediate action to remedy the situation.

What Does Customer Service Have to do with Cake?

If you think of customer service as a layered cake, you might just get to the bottom of what you need to do to 'wow your clients.

Do Your Kids Hold the Answers to Customer Service?

It's entertaining to see the world through your kids' eyes at this time of year. Their perspective can also be valuable in teaching you how to deliver qualify customer service.

Have You Implemented These 3 Customer Service Trends Shaping 2016?

Customer service is critical to your success, and, like all things, it is ever changing. To keep ahead of the curve (and to keep your customers), there are several key customer service trends making an impact this year.