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Dentists to Promote Connection Between Oral Health and Improved Cardio Health

"Tak­ing good care of your teeth — includ­ing twice-dai­ly brush­ing and at least year­ly pro­fes­sion­al clean­ings — seems to be linked to bet­ter heart health, accord­ing to a study in the April 7 Euro­pean Heart Jour­nal."

31% of Parents Don’t Consider Toothaches a Serious Ailment

A new nation­al sur­vey con­duct­ed on behalf of the Amer­i­can Acad­e­my of Pedi­atric Den­tistry (AAPD) reveals near­ly three quar­ters (74%) of U.S. par­ents do not take their child to the den­tist by their first birth­day, the age rec­om­mend­ed by AAPD. Of the quar­ter of par­ents (26%) who do take their child to the den­tist by their first birth­day, mil­len­ni­al par­ents (29%) are more like­ly to take their child to the den­tist by age 1 than any oth­er gen­er­a­tion.

More than Half of Parents Care More about Their Child’s Dental Health than Their Nutrition

Par­ent­ing can some­times feel like an uphill marathon, par­tic­u­lar­ly when it comes to enforc­ing prop­er oral care habits with your child. Accord­ing to a recent nation­al sur­vey from Delta Den­tal, par­ents are more like­ly to say get­ting their child to floss reg­u­lar­ly (45%) or brush their teeth (37%) is chal­leng­ing than they are about get­ting their child to make the bed (30%) or to com­plete home­work on time (25%).

35% of Retirees Don’t Know What Their Vision and Dental Insurance Options Are

If you're retired or get­ting ready to be, odds are you're unsure how you're going to get vision insur­ance. That's accord­ing to a recent sur­vey com­mis­sioned by VSP Vision Care. A com­bined total of 332 retirees and pre-retirees par­tic­i­pat­ed in the sur­vey.