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77% of U.S. Consumers Have a Travel Bucket List, But 85% Are Stopped By Cost

Love Home Swap, one of the world's lead­ing home exchange pro­grams, is releas­ing results from its Trav­el Buck­et List Sur­vey of 1,000 Amer­i­cans. The sur­vey uncov­ers U.S. con­sumers' trav­el aspi­ra­tions and the bar­ri­ers that stand in their way.

Helping Travel Planning Clients Make the Most of Their Vacation Dollars

The time between Memo­r­i­al Day and Labor Day is one of the most pop­u­lar peri­ods of the year for trav­el. Accord­ing to Expe­dia data, the aver­age trip dura­tion in the sum­mer is two times longer than the rest of the year, mean­ing trav­el­ers are look­ing for their dol­lars to stretch even fur­ther for air­fare and lodg­ing.