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Marketers to Work Harder to Personalize Digital Ads

The battle between consumers and the organizations that want to track their private activities and communications continues to rage. In response to complaints about how marketers are storing and using data related to consumer activity, online promoters have come up with a proposed Do Not Track policy. Some online consumers fail to understand the true outcome of this policy. Instead of seeing targeted promotions, an online user who has elected not to be tracked will see generic promotions. Ironically, Janrain research has found that consumers are tired of seeing ad online content that doesn’t interest them.

Consumer Age, Media Environment to be Key Decision Points in Online Ad Buys

If consumers are in a shopping state of mind, will they be more aware of and receptive to a marketer’s messages? It’s a question worth asking as ads are appearing in so many digital formats. New research from Bizrate and Aisle A on this topic yields intriguing data about who is noticing digital ads and when.

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