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Are Video Display Ads Worth Your Clients' Money?

With all the dam­age ad fraud­sters have been caus­ing pro­gram­mat­i­cal­ly trans­act­ed dig­i­tal ads, online dis­play adver­tis­ers just want to know that their ads are still being deliv­ered to real peo­ple at the time and place they paid for. As luck would have it, Inte­gral Ad Science’s H2 2018 U.S. Media Qual­i­ty Report has good news for you to share with your dis­play ad using clients.

AE Adds Value to Pitch with Value of a New Customer Data

Chase Hen­der­son was work­ing hard to upsell accounts in his pipeline as the new kid on the block at Times Record News in Wichi­ta Falls, Texas. One spe­cif­ic client did very min­i­mal adver­tis­ing with his com­pa­ny. He knew the own­ers of a port­fo­lio of reha­bil­i­ta­tion and senior care cen­ters were always look­ing to gain more patients and fill rooms.