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How to Convince Small Businesses They Need Websites

When a friend recommends a new business to you, you probably head straight to their website to look up their location, explore their products, and figure out their range of prices. So, why do nearly 40% of small businesses not have websites?

Charities Targeting Friends and Followers to Build on Ice Bucket Challenge

Every charity in the U.S. is likely wishing they’d thought of the Ice Bucket Challenge. This fundraising event benefited the Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) Society. As people across the U.S. posted videos of themselves dumping a bucket of ice water on themselves or friends, they were also making donations. The success of this event shows the power of appealing to charity friends and followers on social networks.

The ‘Videoquake’ is Here

Consumers know the kind of entertainment they want to view. These days, it’s all about streaming online video. Consumers like being able to watch what they want, when they want, and they want to keep their costs down.

14% of U.S. Adults Use Online Auctions

Consumers are growing more comfortable bidding for items in online auctions. Sensing this trend, one large operator in the space, eBay, is forming more partnerships with other businesses around the U.S. to bring live online art auctions to its customers. Small art houses will now target consumers that are seeking to bid on art and other collectibles.

Prices for Large-Screen Tablets Falling Below $200

Last year, tablets were one of the must-have items for consumers who enjoy engaging with tech-related products. NPD reports that tablet sales grew during the 2014 back-to-school season. However, retailers looking to continue big sales for tablets will need to target a smaller audience during this year’s holiday season.

11.4% of Smartphone Owners Regularly Use Digital Wallets

As the holiday season progresses, retailers may notice more consumers are eager to pay for their purchases with their smartphones. Specifically, these shoppers are converting to alternate payment systems like Google Wallet or PayPal in a big way.

Millennials Like Personalization of Foursquare

Today’s shoppers have no shortage of ways to find out what their fellow citizens think of various business establishments and services. The leading service providers in this space, Angie’s List and Yelp, have been profitable and popular. But a recent MarketWatch report indicates that Millennials, the consumer group most likely to seek out opinions, may be gravitating toward a different site: FourSquare.

iPad Owners Upgrading to the Latest Model

A survey commissioned by Kensington — manufacturer of a wide range of Apple-certified products, including iPhone and iPad accessories — suggests that Apple is likely to enjoy a positive reception as the new iPad Air 2 reaches stores.

Shoppers Seeking Quality Mobile Apps

Analysts have been predicting a mobile shopping boom as more consumers spend time with their smartphones and tablets. Contact Solutions, in its Mobile Shopper Cliffhanger report, points out that consumers have high expectations for the online shopping experience. They’re increasingly relying on mobile apps to deliver the convenience and deals they’re looking for.

Online Food Orderers Going Mobile

Restaurants seeking growth opportunities in the still-stagnant dining out market should check out the mobile food ordering crowd. Earlier this year, in a QSRWeb post, Alicia Kelso cited some astounding statistics about online food ordering. The data came from EatStreet and was presented to the National Restaurant Association.

Job Seekers Researching Prospective Employers Online

Now that the job market is getting busier, candidates are checking out prospective employers. According to ManpowerGroup, the job search is all digital as candidates look at websites, career sites and social media. Employers should be optimizing their online presence to appear more attractive but remember to offer personal interviews to those candidates who interest them the most.

Average U.S. Consumer Spends $1,000 a Year on Video Entertainment

U.S. consumers may be cutting the cord with their cable TV companies, but they are still eager to watch online video entertainment. A new report from FutureSource Consulting values the U.S. video market at $123 billion for 2015.

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