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Consumers Show Readiness for Social Shopping

With U.S. social commerce sales expected to reach $14 billion by 2015, and social networks like Twitter and Facebook ramping up their commerce capabilities, a new survey commissioned by DigitasLBi, a global marketing and technology agency, and conducted online by Harris Poll shows that while only 5% of Americans have made a purchase on a social media site, 20% would consider doing so.

Online Tools Boost Weight-Loss Success

A new study from Shape-Up, jointly authored by several university researchers, shows how adding online tracking tools, feedback and educational content to a weight-loss effort substantially increases results. Because traditional weight-loss programs are expensive to administer, researchers also studied the effects of online only behavioral interventions. Researchers concluded that an Internet-based behavioral program alone was the more cost-effective method to enhance weight loss.

More Consumers Explore Online Dating

With every other aspect of life going digital, it’s not surprising to hear that more U.S. consumers are open to online dating. YouGov research presented by Anne Gammon suggests that nearly ½ of consumers give their seal of approval to the concept of online dating. However, men and women who have actually used these sites have specific preferences and their opinions which can help industry operators promote the benefits that are most likely to sell more subscriptions.

Webroomers Search Online, Buy in Local Stores

Retailers have been obsessing about the impact of showrooming ever since consumers started bringing their smartphones on shopping trips. Is it possible that the worry has been overstated? Merchant Warehouse has issued a report which claims that webrooming – the practice of viewing products online and then going to a local retail establishment to make a purchase is actually more widespread.

UGC Key to Millennial Auto, Big Ticket Purchases

Millennials are finally moving into the years where they will be spending money on big ticket items like cars, electronics and appliances. This purchase activity will come as a welcome relief to vendors who are still recovering from the recession and are looking for a larger consumer audience to target. Before retailers gear up their ad campaigns, they’ll need to consider which media formats work best for reaching Millennials. Data in the Ipsos Millennial Social Influence Study suggests that placing ads on social media and tapping into user-generated content, UGC, is the way to go.

Hispanics’ Use of Social and Mobile Drives Local Marketer Strategy

Local advertisers are gradually increasing the budgets they allocate to social and mobile formats in order to reach today’s digital consumer. But, some audiences and demographic groups tend to use social media and connected mobile devices more heavily than others and may make more lucrative audiences when targeted through these formats. According to BIA/Kelsey, Hispanics comprise a highly active social and mobile audience.

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