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In-stream Audio Advertising Set to Grow

Consumers are becoming more comfortable with the idea of online music streaming. However, few music lovers feel they can justify the expense of an ad-free subscription to their favorite service. This situation makes the format attractive to advertisers according to Anthony Mullen at Forrester.

Marketers to Improve Websites to Appeal to Purchasers of Big-Ticket Items

The good news for marketers is that consumers are more open to purchasing large items, those costing over $500, than they have been in the recent past. Even better, businesses that are selling these large-ticket items have about 79 days to attract shoppers who are in the buying state of mind. The results of the GE Capital Retail Bank’s Major Purchase Shopper Study also shows that more consumers are starting their research online which means retailers need to strengthen their websites in order to connect with these potential customers.

Marketers to Target Women and SMB Owners with Online Ads

U.S. consumers are growing more accustomed to seeing online ads. The Ipsos Open Thinking Exchange claims that a solid 42% of surveyed consumers are watching online ads on a monthly basis. Some of these consumers take the next step and click on an ad to find out more. What motivates consumers to click and who is mostly likely to check out products online? The Ipsos research provides some answers.

SMBs Poised to Gear Up Their Digital Marketing Budgets

Small businesses, those with less than $1 million in annual revenue, are so focused on sales growth that they’ve lagged behind larger businesses when it comes to developing their digital marketing expertise. The State of Digital Marketing for SMBs, by Vocus, finds that SMBs have conquered a few digital marketing tools. However, the leaders are learning that expertise in custom content, paid search, social, and mobile will help them stay ahead of the competition.

Marketers Increase Search Spending to Connect with Millennials

The Millennial generation may have $170 billion of annual spending power but that doesn’t mean they are going to open their wallets to just any pitch. These consumers came of age during the Great Recession. They love certain brands, but they also want to save money. To reach them, eMarketer researchers say businesses must engage Millennials with value messages in the digital sphere and this reality increases the importance of search as a marketing tool.

Marketers Tweak Email Strategy to Match Top Performer Results

Email marketing may be an inexpensive and effective way to reach a target audience, but that doesn’t mean that enterprises should go easy on themselves when they roll out a campaign using this format. Consumers are bombarded with messages and unless marketers take specific steps to design and release their email campaigns, their target audiences are likely to click past instead of click through to learn more.

Marketers Venturing into Mobile Voice-Based Ads

Most key players in the mobile ad industry have complaints. Marketers don’t think customers are looking at the ads, consumers don’t want their screen space jammed with tiny messages, and publishers are struggling to make any real money on the format. Marketers and publishers are now exploring whether mobile can be more meaningful with voice.

Marketers Take Steps to Halt Online Ad Fraud

As digital advertising continues to grow, so does the opportunity for fraud. Marketers who are paying for online campaigns want to know that their ROI metrics are based on solid numbers. But, new studies show that bots are at work in online ad exchanges and marketers may need to rely on specialty firms to help them detect and avoid paying for ‘fraudulent traffic.’

Google Rolling Out SMB-Friendly Mobile Enhancements

Media companies have been looking for a way to increase the rates on digital and mobile formats. Last month, I blogged about how some publishers are limiting the number of display ads on a page in order to concentrate a reader’s focus on messages from specific advertisers who are willing to pay more for this format. Now Google appears set to improve rates on mobile spaces with its new Enhanced Campaigns upgrade.

Retailers to Increase Mobile Search Effort

The typical consumer who carries out a mobile search for a product takes two follow-up actions. Currently, only 7% of mobile searches are for shopping information which is lower than the 15% for arts and entertainment information and the 10% that are news-related. But, all of these numbers are growing and retailers who are looking for a competitive edge should be focusing on mobile.

Consumer Trust in “Discovered” Advertising Prompts Marketers to Change Strategies

Last week, I called attention to a new Gartner study that showed how larger marketers are putting more emphasis on their corporate websites than on social media. If one links consumer trust in marketing to purchase intent, these marketers might be onto something. Another study, from Forrester, suggests most consumers don’t trust brand posts on social media.

Big Pharma to Increase Outsourcing, Improve Digital Marketing Efficiencies

Large pharmaceutical firms pulled back on their DTC marketing last year, spending about $3.1 billion. This year, the biggest firms in this sector have told researchers that they intend to explore more multichannel marketing initiatives. In doing so, they will likely outsource a portion of this activity to agencies and services.

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