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Blog Networks are Attracting More Ad Dollars

When blogs first arrived on the digital scene several years back, few bloggers imagined they could make their living from ad revenue generated because of consumer visits to their sites. But consumers are spending more time online and they often read blog site content. Meanwhile, the blog industry has matured enough to offer marketers efficient ways to advertise on these sites. Blog networks, conglomerations of blogs devoted to specific topics, are springing up and shaping a central control for the flow of ad money.

Target Marketing to Online Shoppers by Life Stage

Is there a way to predict which consumers like online shopping and will spend the most? Acxiom Corp., via its Personicx Consumer Dynamics Study, thinks it might have answers for marketers. And it may comes as a surprise that the best predictors are not income and age.

Google: 5 Trends that Shape Digital Marketing Today

Whenever and wherever our Google overlords speak, I get my butt in that room and listen. They seem to know way more about me than I’m comfortable with, so I’m going to learn all I can about them.

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