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SalesFuel’s New Mobile App Delivers Timely Sales Advice and Marketing Insights

SalesFuel, a leading firm of sales, marketing and management strategists, announces its new mobile application, SalesFuel Insights. The free app is available now for Android in Google Play, for Amazon Fire devices and for Apple devices in the iOS App Store.

Marketers Blend Traditional, Digital Media to Reach Working Moms

It’s easy to assume that the path to most working moms would be through digital media. After all, many of these consumers, especially those with younger children, are likely to be digitally savvy and looking for every time-saving advantage they can find. Digital media would seem to fit that need but Scarborough’s Working Moms Study data shows that traditional media holds a big place in the daily lives of working moms.

Affluent Population Grows, As Does Their Media Engagement

As the affluent population in the U.S. grows, Affluents continue to be enthusiastic consumers of traditional media, even while their use of digital media continues to rise sharply. According to Dr. Stephen Kraus, Ipsos, “Affluents’ growing digital media use tends to supplement – rather than replace – their traditional media use, and the result is real growth in their engagement with media as a whole.”

Local Social Media Growth to Exceed National Rate

While marketers debate the true value of their social media spending, few are willing to pull back on this format because they know customers are spending time there. Now that national companies have committed to social media, small local businesses are doing the same. One new research report claims that the growth rate on spending for local social will exceed the overall increases this sector will experience through 2012.

Smartphone Users to Receive More Personalized Ads

Marketers have been treading carefully when targeting consumers with mobile phone ad campaigns. This advertising channel is expected to grow significantly over the next several years. But that growth depends on consumer reception to these ads so getting it right is important.

More SMBs to Up Online Ad Budgets in 2011

Smaller businesses often lag behind when it comes to implementing the latest marketing strategies. I highlighted a MerchantCircle report earlier this week which noted that mobile advertising and group buying tactics will not be top choices for businesses with an ad budget of below $2,500. However, a new report from Borrell Associates points out that the general attitude about online marketing is largely positive for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) for 2011.

Marketers to Use Targeting to Improve Online Video Metrics

Earlier this week, I blogged about the latest findings on online video advertising and consumer viewing trends. While view to completion numbers appear to be dropping, there are a number of steps marketers can take to improve consumer engagement with their promotional videos. One strategy includes improved targeting of the audience, as outlined by the findings in AdoTube’s latest study.

Marketers Turn to Long-Tail Sites for Improved Consumer Engagement

Marketers are rushing to spend a significant part of their media budgets online. Many marketers believe they need to have a presence on the most popular and heavily trafficked websites in order to ensure that they reach customers. But a new study shows that targeting online niche audiences may provide a significantly higher ROI.

Shifts in Social Media Predicted for 2010

One of the fastest growing forms of online marketing is due to see some changes next year. While MySpace has commanded the most advertising dollars when it comes to social media, likely the result of its large user base, Facebook is expected to take the top spot in 2010. This may be because Facebook surpassed MySpace on a global basis, in 2009, with respect to the number of total visitors to its site.