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More Americans Prefer Burgers than Chicken Sandwiches

"Burgers have been a top item ordered at U.S. restaurants for decades, but chicken sandwiches have come on strong over the last several years. There are more chicken sandwich restaurant concepts and chicken sandwiches are appearing on more menus. So, have burgers been knocked off their perch by chicken sandwiches?"

Can Fresh Focus on German Restaurants Save Them?

Yelp Data Scientist Carl Bialik says German food ranked number 83 of the 100 biggest restaurant categories in growth. Unfortunately, all across the country, German restaurants are calling it quits. Converting traditional German eateries into biergartens and transforming menus into fresh takes on German cooking could be the trend that saves them.

Infographic: Voice-Activated Assistant User Purchase Intent

With the increase in voice-activated assistant usage, learn more about how these users grocery shop and dine.

Restaurant Industry to Enjoy Modest Growth in 2014

The U.S. restaurant industry has enjoyed modest growth in the past few years, and Mintel forecasts a 5.9% increase in sales in 2014. Key trends for the new year include the continued growth of the fast-casual segment; the addition of healthier, more flavorful menu items; implementation of technology to cut service times, and to offer loyalty programs, promotions, discounts, etc.; and transparency not only in ingredient sourcing, but in general business practices, including the treatment of animals and employees.

New Video! Advertising Smarter to Thanksgiving Diners

Episode 47 of Advertising Smarter focuses on Thanksgiving Diners — consumers who dine at home or at a restaurant on Thanksgiving — and looks at how you can tap into their media interests and habits, buying preferences, as well as their attitudes about advertising. Watch this video briefing here, see it in HD on YouTube,

Kitchen and Dining Home Textiles are Outperforming Other Segments

According to The NPD Group, Inc., the total home textiles market declined 3.5% in dollar sales for the 12 months ending June 2009, versus the same time last year, and has been declining steadily over the past three years. In spite of all this, the kitchen and dining home textile segment grew 3.7% in dollar sales, compared to the previous 12 months, and was the only segment that showed growth in the 12 months ending June 2009. In fact, the growth in kitchen and dining is the only growth seen among the main textile segments (bed, bath, kitchen & dining, and window) in the past few years.