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Direct Mail Remains A Key Tactic For Connecting With C‑suite Execs

A significant number of business owners believe direct mail doesn’t work. If that sounds like your clients, it might be time for some re-education.

Direct Mail Marketing Delivers Results for Businesses

If your clients want to make a big impression and score an even bigger ROI with their marketing campaign, they should turn to a tried-and-true workhorse: direct mail.

24% of Gen Xers Buy Products Advertised on This Medium

Generation X can be a slightly confounding consumer age group for advertisers. They show preferences for traditional media like the generations before them. But they’re also young enough to be technologically savvy like millennials. So, what are the best advertising methods to reach them?

The Direct Mail Piece That Will Score Top ROI For Your Clients

Is direct mail dead? Not according to the latest statistics from the Direct Mail Association. Using pieces that are the right size and shape can drastically improve response rates.

Why Your Clients Shouldn't Be Overlooking the Power of Direct Mail

It's time to get your clients' ads more attention by taking advantage of a medium other advertisers underestimate (even though it holds receivers' attention for 118% longer than digital).

Co-op Dollars Harvest Fruitful ROI for Equipment Dealer

Bradley Toy's Town Money Saver franchise serves the rural community of Central Kentucky. He knows his client base well and continuously looks for ways his agricultural advertisers can maximize their campaign dollars. It also helps that he has 27+ years of media sales experience under his belt.

Direct Mail ROI Exceeds 18%

If your clients are looking for a way to make their messages stand out, talk to them about direct mail.

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Direct Mail Is Making A Comeback In B2B Sales

Do you send direct mail to prospects? Or, do you consider it too dated for today's sales world? You may be surprised to know that it's actually making a comeback as a sales tactic.

SMBs Scrutinizing ROI of Favorite Traditional Media Formats

Are small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) still interested in buying ad space in traditional media? Research from BIA/Kelsey’s Local Commerce Monitor shows that the answer to this question is yes and that newspaper and direct mail are the most popular traditional formats for SMBs though digital formats are increasingly popular with SMBs. BIA/Kelsey analysts note that SMB reliance on the older formats may continue to fall though because the ROI numbers don’t support continued investment.

Direct Mail to Deliver Returns for Marketers

This year, over half of advertising will be in the form of direct marketing. As ad costs rise, marketers want to know how effective their efforts have been. The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) has just released the results of a study that can help businesses understand which direct marketing methods are connecting with target audiences.

Creative Printing, Personalized Direct Mail to Boost Consumer Responses

The typical consumer is bombarded by direct mail and email pitches. Marketers who want to stand apart from the competition and realize a strong return on their investment should heed the findings on the latest research from Nielsen and German ad agency, RAPP. These days, being different – especially in the look and feel of the collateral – along with personalizing the pitch, gets a marketer noticed.

SMBs to be Heavily Targeted with Direct Marketing

Marketers have long relied on direct mail and e‑mail to reach potential customers with their pitch. Established marketers often work with their in-house list comprised of current customers and for e‑mail, these folks have typically opted to receive these communications. But for businesses just starting out, a long-standing marketing strategy has been list rental. New statistics on the types of lists in demands this year reveal which marketers will be targeting specific types of clients.

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