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Direct Mail to Continue as a Preferred Channel

Marketers wring their hands over which channels to use when targeting consumers. But consumers in one new survey have told researchers the marketing channel they prefer: direct mail. And marketers may be surprised to know that it’s not just older consumers who like to find something in their physical mailboxes.

Direct Mail To Remain Tops for Customer Acquisition

Marketers are expected to spend more on direct mail campaigns this year. Even as this channel is being pressured by digital formats, direct mail is still seen as the most highly effective way to win new customers. But more marketers are combining this format with digital efforts in their campaigns.

Merchant Spending on Yellow Pages and Direct Mail Predicted to Drop

Could the boom in daily deal/social media marketing at the local level be contributing to the demise of more traditional, established media formats? New projections from Borrell Associates on yellow page and direct mail ad spending are sharply negative and the shift to interactive formats may be a big factor. But the news regarding the local ad market isn’t all bad.

Consumers Read Direct Mail Catalogs

The average consumer might not realize it but the volume of direct advertising mail ,about 85 billion pieces, was down 15% last year. There’s no question that traditional direct mail has lost ground to e‑mail and other digital channels. Yet consumers do read the advertising literature that arrives in their mailboxes. And they pay attention to specific forms of mail. That’s one of the key findings revealed in the USPS Household Diary Study.

Direct Mail and E‑Mail are Top Channels for Customer Acquisition in 2010

The good news is fewer B to B marketers are cutting marketing budgets in 2010. But nearly half (43%) anticipate only level funding for marketing expenditures when compared to last year. That’s the findings of the Target Marketing's Media Usage Forecast 2010.

Direct Mail Trends Predicted for 2010

Direct mail companies are looking at flat revenue for 2010 with a projected total of $43.7 billion. That’s good news after the 16.8% decline the industry witnessed between 2008 and 2009. The 2009 decrease was linked to the economy and to the slow but steady shift to online marketing.

Direct Mail Marketers Predict Few 2010 Bright Spots

By the time 2009 ends, spending on direct mail marketing will total $43.7 billion. That dollar amount marks a 16.8% decline from 2008 levels and the third year of steady drops in the industry. The good news is that direct mail spending should stabilize and remain at $43.7 billion in 2010.

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