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How to Stop the "I'll Get Back You" Stall

What per­cent­age of your sales calls end in a price nego­ti­a­tion? Or, the dread­ed “I will think about it and get back to you?”


Sell Smarter — Episode 20 — Smarter Pre-call Research

It’s much hard­er to close if you don’t ask smart ques­tions ear­ly in the sales process. But before you make that dis­cov­ery call, you need to do some home­work.

Watson, come here. I need you to help me make a sale.

Take away the tele­phone and you’d have a tough time doing busi­ness. Is this sales tool so vital that you take it for grant­ed?

Are You Guilty of “Pitchulation”

To speed prospects along, you might be tempt­ed to cut a few cor­ners dur­ing dis­cov­ery. Don’t do it.

Are You Teaching Your Salespeople What The Ideal Customer Looks Like?

The sales cycle is a marathon, not a sprint. From that first cold call to the fresh ink of a signed con­tract, there are hun­dreds of vari­ables at play, which means poten­tial prob­lems loom around every cor­ner.

The Elusive Hot Button — How Do You Find It?

All sales train­ing includes this line: “If you want to make the sale, be sure to push the prospect's hot but­ton.” Great, where’s that?

Here’s When Your Reps Should Combine Discovery With the Demo

Would you like your sale reps’ demos to dri­ve 50% con­ver­sion rates? Of course.

Are You Asking These Sales Discovery Questions?

Has your close rate been low­er than you'd like late­ly? It’s easy to blame the prob­lem on the poor qual­i­ty of cus­tomers who are walk­ing through your front door.

How to Score Better Prospects by Optimizing Data Mining

Is your man­ag­er lean­ing on you to do more prospect­ing? To bring those leads down the sales fun­nel and close the deal in record time?

Enabling Your Sales Team for High-Performance in 2019: The Critical First Step

Free Sales Sum­mit webi­nar on the Sales Experts Chan­nel — rec­og­nized as the #1 All-Star Chan­nel on BrightTalk. This 45 minute webi­nar focus­es on the crit­i­cal first-step of dis­cov­ery for sales man­agers when build­ing, devel­op­ing and trans­form­ing their sales teams.

How Much Should You Sell?

How much of your prod­uct or ser­vice do you think clients and prospects real­ly care about? Often, reps spend too much time talk­ing about every sin­gle fea­ture of what they’re sell­ing, wast­ing both their and the prospect’s time.

How Curious Reps Succeed During Discovery

Is the dis­cov­ery process a stum­bling point for you? Some sales reps con­sid­er this step in the sales fun­nel to be a waste of time.

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