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Are Video Display Ads Worth Your Clients' Money?

With all the damage ad fraudsters have been causing programmatically transacted digital ads, online display advertisers just want to know that their ads are still being delivered to real people at the time and place they paid for. As luck would have it, Integral Ad Science’s H2 2018 U.S. Media Quality Report has good news for you to share with your display ad using clients.

Digital Specialist Revs Up Competitive Edge for Powersports Retailer

A local powersports dealer in Hickory, North Carolina suddenly found themselves in a crisis. A big chain powersports dealer had set up shop only a mile away. And the store was in a more visible location. This new competition, combined with the cooler and wetter weather this past spring, resulted in a decrease in the local business’s numbers.

eMarketer – 58.3% of Digital Display Ads This Year Will be Native

With an expected sales volume of about $32.9 billion this year, native advertising is clearly delivering results for marketers.

Why Your Clients Shouldn't Be Overlooking the Power of Direct Mail

It's time to get your clients' ads more attention by taking advantage of a medium other advertisers underestimate (even though it holds receivers' attention for 118% longer than digital).

To Optimize Digital Outcome, More Marketers Fine-Tune Format Goals

Most marketers are using a mix of search, display and social ads as part of their paid digital media campaigns. Each one of these ad types should serve a unique purpose in a company's overall strategy. Adobe and Econsultancy say that defining the purpose will also help a business more effectively optimize the performance of each format type.

Digital is King, but Print Remains a Preferred Channel this Holiday Season

It’s that holiday time of the year – at least for marketers. Over 2/3 of marketers were establishing their advertising plans for the upcoming holiday season by the end of August. An Experian study finds that marketer strategies differ significantly based on the industry they’re in and media companies might want to take a look at these details to know when to pitch their formats to clients.

Mobile Marketers to Shift Money from Search to Display

Could the mobile ad market exceed $30 billion in spending by 2017? eMarketer analysts think so. Part of this growth will be fueled by marketer interest in all things mobile. This year, mobile will account for 20% of all digital spending. Media companies should pay attention to how this spending on mobile will break out going forward.

Marketers to Reduce Online Display in Favor of Video

Online video advertising is here to stay. Earlier this year, analysts told marketers they could increase their reach by shifting about 15% of their TV ad budgets into online video. Marketers are spending more on online video, but not all of the funding for this change is coming from the TV budget.

RTB to be Growth Vehicle for Mobile Display and Video Marketing

In 2012, analysts predicted that RTB will soon account for up to 25% of the display ad market. There’s another sector where RTB will make a mark and that’s in online video advertising. While advertisers are still coming up the learning curve on this technology, they like the returns that the format is yielding.

Hover Being Linked to Display Ad Conversion Calculations

Analysts have long disputed whether consumer clicks on display ads are the best way to measure the true value of these ads. The click-through or CTR simply tracks one type of consumer behavior. But what about other consumers who view an ad online in much the same way as they might view a printed ad? Researchers now claim they have a way to measure conversion rates of this audience as well.

Social Media to Boost Order Value in Purchase Path

Marketers are busy studying their analytics to determine which online ad formats are delivering the best results. Are search and display still the gold standard or is social media more valuable? Columbus, OH-based ClearSaleing published findings on its analysis of 56 billion ad impressions and the company has some specific recommendations for online marketers.

4th Quarter Search Budgets to Soar

We’re already through the first month in the 4th quarter of 2011. For search providers, it’s a busy time of year. Forecasters predict double-digits jumps in search spending through year end. And this is coming off a 7% increase when 3rd quarter pay-per-clicks (PPC) are compared to the activity reported last year.

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