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Marketers to Develop More Engaging Online Display Ads

Marketers continue to shift advertising money from traditional media into online display. But click-through rates (CTR), the standard method to measure effectiveness, remains frustratingly low. A new study issued by AdKeeper and 24/7 Real Media explains why consumers aren’t clicking and what marketers can do to improve their returns on display advertising.

B2B Marketers Signal Intent to Boost Online Display Marketing

B2B marketers often have a very clear idea of who to target with their promotions. But determining how to reach decision makers can be complicated these days, especially in light of the constant news about social media strategies. While social media plays a role in B2B marketing, a newly released survey from Bizo shows that online display advertising remains an important part of the media mix for this sector.

Manufacturers to Explore Personalized Ads on Retailer Pages

Manufacturers and retailers have both been looking for the best way to engage consumers with online display ads. For the most part, manufacturers have been placing display ads on content sites or using their own sites to connect with consumers. But new technology and new attitudes are changing the way branded products from manufacturers appear to consumers who are shopping on retail sites.

B2B Marketers to Scrutinize Display Advertising Budgets

Earlier this week, I wrote about a new Forrester report, which appeared in a B2BOnline column, and the expected rise in B2B marketing this year. Not all online formats will see big increases from B2B advertisers though. Specifically, only a small number of B2B marketers, 13%, will up their spending on display. Forrester analyst, Michael Greene thinks he knows why.

Marketers Shift Funds to Online Branding Campaigns

At a time when well-known brands are trying to recover from the recession, marketers may look online for new ways to grow recognition and awareness. To date, marketers have used online ad budgets for direct response campaigns. But eMarketer analyst David Hallerman says marketers can improve their branding efforts by optimizing their use of the following types online display media.

Marketers to Increase Use of Geotargeted Display

Last month, I blogged about Forrester Research’s prediction that spending on online display advertising will reach $16.9 billion by 2014. The Forrester study emphasized two characteristics of this media form which make it attractive – an easy-to-measure return-on-investment profile and the availability of a number of display formats. A third strength of this ad format, geotargeting, was recently highlighted by BIA/Kelsey.

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