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Deals Motivate Leisure Travelers to Take More Trips

Consumers are busy planning their next vacation, and, for many, the number of trips they take and the length of these trips is linked to the deals they find. Parago, an operator in the rebate and consumer incentives space, just published its findings on the leisure travel planning industry and the impact deals can make in the decision-making process. Hotel and airline marketers must roll out specific offers to generate the highest reward on their investment.

Hotels and Motels Ramping Up Loyalty Programs

As we enter the busy travel season, hotels and motels will be competing for their share of the leisure travel market. One form of industry marketing, loyalty rewards programs, has been particularly popular among providers recently. But, are these programs delivering benefits that add to the bottom line? Research from Cornell University’s Center for Hospitality Research suggests these programs are yielding big returns, especially when they target a specific type of guest.

Convenience Stores to Market to Summer Travelers

For many of us, the summer season is synonymous with travel. Consumer sentiment is higher now than it’s been in several years. This sentiment signals increased confidence and is likely to translate to more vacation spending. Convenience stores, in particular, should be ready with their marketing campaigns.