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76% of Consumers Want Healthier Food Offerings in Drugstores

"The self-care movement is playing a key role in reshaping health care in a way that drug store retailers and manufacturers can’t afford to ignore. Recent data from The Conference Board Global Consumer Confidence Survey, in collaboration with Nielsen, shows that 18% of Americans reported health as a top concern, next only to the economy (22%) and immigration (19%)."

Pharmacies to Promote Their Role In Vaccinations

"According to the National Community Pharmacists Association’s 2018 Digest, 73% of independent pharmacies are immunizing. As of December 2018, more than 340,000 pharmacists have been trained to administer vaccines across the patient lifespan, reports Drug Store News."

Drug Stores Becoming New Convenience Destination

Drug stores are becoming a destination for convenient purchases, particularly, food and beverages. In fact, some industry analysts believe drug stores are becoming the new convenience stores. This underscores the opportunities for drug stores to capitalize on immediate consumption and the potential for snack, portable foods and beverages offerings.

Pharmacists to Promote Service, Price to Increase Traffic

Prescription drug spending accounts for nearly 10% of total health care costs in this country. Much of this spending is not out-of-pocket, but the costs are real and just one concern when consumers search for a pharmacist. As a result, drugstores that market their pharmacy benefits can increase their sales of prescription drugs.