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Top Retailers to Promote Products and Services Via Consumer Preferred Channel: E‑mail

There’s little debate that social media is the hot topic for the year. Yet few can determine if this tool will ultimately excel as a marketing platform or a customer management system. A recently published study points out that surveyed customers of the Top 40 retailers in the U.S. prefer to hear about sales and promotions via more traditional means. Study analysts point out that as retailers continue to explore social media, they should consider their unique business models when determining the appropriate promotional media mix.

More Marketers Fine-Tuning E‑mail to Mobile Consumers

The study also reveals the best time for marketers to release e‑mails which target mobile devices. Early morning is a peak time for consumers to read e‑mail on mobile devices. The second highest day part for this activity is late evening when consumers are done watching TV or completing other tasks before turning in. Consumers also show a tendency to check e‑mail via mobile phones at the end of the work day.

More Marketers to Reach Consumers Through Mobile E‑mail

Consumers are communicating with each other at higher rates than ever before – perhaps because they have new channels available to them. These new methods of communicating, especially mobile email, are changing the ways consumers stay in touch. This means marketers will need to adjust their tactics to stay top of mind with consumers.

Marketers Improving Their E‑Mail Efficiency

More is not always better when marketers engage in e‑mail campaigns. For a certain group of consumers, receiving more promotional e‑mails means pressing the delete key more often. One study shows that over 70% of marketers keep these consumer names on e‑mail lists for up to 2 years even though the messages are never opened.

E‑mail Marketers See Fast Response

After marketers launch their e‑mail campaigns, they wait. Consumers will either respond to the e‑mail message or delete it. How long might this process take? ExperianCheetahMail regularly studies this topic and its most recent report sheds light on the industry.

E‑mail Promotion Response Linked to Demographics

Did you know that the average U.S. consumer gets 44 e‑mail messages every day? Of these, 12 are messages from companies they specifically signed up with. Consumers may not have time to read all of this promotional e‑mail. But ExactTarget’s studies indicate that marketers can succeed with e‑mail promotions when they target the demographic groups most receptive to these efforts.

More B2B Marketers to Incorporate Social Networks into E‑mail Campaigns

E‑mail is a major marketing platform for most B2B companies. But these businesses may be missing an opportunity to make their e‑mail messages even more appealing to target customers. Why? B2B marketers have been slow to include links to social networks in their e‑mails. A recently published Silverpop study compared the e‑mail marketing activity of B2C to B2B vendors.

E‑commerce Expansion to Drive E‑mail Marketing

Retailers are sensing optimism in the marketplace and plan to enhance their e‑commerce efforts to grow sales. The findings of the Ninth Annual Merchant Survey by the E‑tailing Group show that 59% of merchants will spend more on several aspects of their portals in 2010. This marks a significant increase over the 36% of e‑tailers who noted similar optimism in 2009.

Direct Mail and E‑Mail are Top Channels for Customer Acquisition in 2010

The good news is fewer B to B marketers are cutting marketing budgets in 2010. But nearly half (43%) anticipate only level funding for marketing expenditures when compared to last year. That’s the findings of the Target Marketing's Media Usage Forecast 2010.

Video E‑mail Use Due to Increase

The findings of a new e‑mail marketing survey released by industry operator Implix point the way to an enhanced user experience. It’s all about video. According to Implix, more marketers will be sending out e‑mails that contain video clips of everything ranging from enthusiastic customer recommendations to demos of various product features.

E‑mail Marketers Increase Use of Top Words in Subject Line

Even as consumers complain of being overwhelmed by unwanted e‑mails, marketers plan to continue using this form of promotion. According to Experian Marketing Services, e‑mail marketing will still play an important role in most marketers’ media mix. But shoppers are becoming more savvy about which e‑mails they will open, so marketers are trying new methods to induce potential customers to take that all-important first step in a making a purchase.