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Consumer Trust in Advertising on the Increase

Marketers can connect with potential clients through owned, earned and paid media. Each of these media formats makes an impact on consumers in a unique way. Nielsen’s research on consumer trust in advertising shows an improving trend and also links trust to a willingness to make purchases.

Quizzes, Trivia Contests, and Sweepstakes Build Earned Media in Social Channel

Whether marketers call it earned media or managed media, most users know it as social media and it’s here to stay. But, it’s not enough to have a social media presence anymore. Marketers are using specific strategies to encourage consumers to share links and extend the value of their social campaigns.

Earned Media to be Used by More Marketers

Consumers have a variety of information sources to draw from when they enter the purchase funnel. Marketers will likely be pleased to learn that one of these sources, digital advertising, has an improved reputation with consumers. But, for many consumers, there is no substitute for online reviews, a belief that may prompt marketers to increase their efforts in the earned media channel.