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Tutoring Services to Help Prevent College Class Dropping

A new study from the market research team at Zion & Zion investigated the reasons why college students withdraw from classes. The study found that class type, student interest and grades are key drivers of course withdrawal.

If you think you’re a professional salesperson, could you prove it to a judge?

Ask anyone in sales if they consider themselves a professional, and the response is an immediate YES. But I challenge you… if you were in court, in front of a judge, could you produce the evidence to prove you’re a professional salesperson?

Colleges Targeting more Students from Lower-Income Families

"The overall number of undergraduates at U.S. colleges and universities has increased dramatically over the past 20 years, with growth fueled almost exclusively by an influx of students from low-income families and students of color, reports Pew Research Center."

University of Virginia Wins AdMall “Best Use of Marketing Research” Award at National Student Ad Competition: National competition gives “real world” experience to collegiate advertising majors

The winning details can all be found in the hard data! That’s why it’s a big win for the University of Oregon team, winners of the National Student Advertising Competition (NSAC). The team earned the AdMall Best Use of Marketing Research Award during this year's American Advertising Federation (AAF) national conference, held June 10–13 in Las Vegas at Caesar’s Palace. Oregon bested more than 140 participating teams.

Younger Consumers Support Education-Related Causes

Charitable donations rose in 2013, the first growth seen since the 2008 recession. But of course, measurements like this typically track monetary giving — just one of the ways Americans, and people the world over, can contribute to causes they believe in. Broadening the scope to all types of giving, a recent Harris Poll finds that nine out of ten Americans (91%) have made some sort of contribution within the past two to three years, with money only the second most common type of giving (66%), after used clothing (73%).

Parents Eager to Enroll Children in Computer Programming Classes

The digital revolution which has so engaged consumers as they interact with entertainment sources and marketers is spreading to a new sphere. Parents are thinking about the future for their children and they see the importance of the right kind of education. For many, this means learning computer programming. Schools and private organizations are expanding their programs to include this training.

More Higher Ed Institutions Using Social Media as Recruiting Tool

A new class of undergraduates will be arriving at many college and university campuses within the next few weeks. So it must be time for the admissions office to crank up the marketing machine again. For many institutions of higher education, marketing these days is all about digital and social.

Online Colleges to Promote Their Lower-Cost Models

For many U.S. students, moving out of their parents’ homes and onto a college campus is an expensive rite of passage. But with the economic recovery stalling and the cost of higher education increasing, some colleges are promoting a less costly way to obtain a 4‑year or Master’s degree. One of the latest programs being marketed by for-profit colleges is the online study option.

Marketing of Foreign Language Training To Increase

It may be a businessman preparing to take up a yearlong appointment in China. Or it may be an upper level CIA officer who needs to brush up on her Arabic as part of her job requirement. But one thing is certain. More Americans believe that foreign language proficiency is critical for the U.S. to excel in the new global economy. As a result, demand for language training will rise.

High School Sports Sponsorship Increases

Budget cuts have been particularly hard for many high school sports teams during the recession. Even the door-to-door fund-raising campaigns and additional fees paid by players aren't always enough to support a football or hockey team for an entire season. This financial situation opens a new opportunity for marketers who want to form a connection with local consumers.

Critical Skills Survey Points to Employee Training Need

Back-to-school season is right around the corner. But this year, consumers under the age of 21 might not be the only ones working on their reading, writing and math skills. The latest American Management Association survey finds that businesses require excellence in basic skills along with other competencies that fewer employees seem to have these days.

College and Technical Schools to Market Health Care Degrees

Unemployed Americans have been hearing for years that the path to a stable career can be found in the health care industry. The Department of Labor routinely advises that over 3 million jobs will be created in this sector in the next 8 years. Despite this positive news, almost half of surveyed high school students – the group that will make up the next generation of employees – do not plan to study for a career in health care or science.

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