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Restaurants to Target Customers Using Limited-Time Email Ads

"Whether it’s the return of Pumpkin Spice Lattes in the fall or the green shakes that herald the coming of spring, consumers buy into these annual traditions and the sense that these offerings — like colorful fall leaves and spring flowers — are here for only a short time."

Don't Limit Email Ads by Believing These Myths

With email being such a popular advertising medium, there have been many discussions about best practices for subject lines and the timing of delivery. However, many of those are just opinions with no research backing.

Do Your Clients Know These Secrets About Black Friday Email Marketing Success?

Is it too early to send out email marketing campaigns for the 2019 holiday season? Yes. But it’s not too early to help your clients plan their holiday email marketing strategy.

The Truth About Email Engagement has been Revealed

Over the course of your advertising career, you’ve probably learned that the only way to keep your target audience’s attention is to keep your ads as short as possible. However, according to Litmus’ State of Email Engagement report, you may have a bit more wiggle room in email outreach than you thought.

What Makes Email Marketing Successful in 2019?

After analyzing four billion emails across 19 industries in 126 countries, GetResponse has found new data about the most effective ways to utilize email marketing. How do your clients compare?

83% of Email Marketers to Spend More in 2019

Email marketing continues to be a key tool for businesses that want to reach out to new and existing clients. But, with so many businesses deploying frequent email campaigns, consumer CTRs continue to fall.

How to Increase Email Open and Click Rates

While email is still a medium that everyone uses and advertisers rely on, its effective usage methods tend to change. That’s why it’s important to stay updated on the latest trends and studies concerning email marketing.

3 Tips to Make the Most of Email

Nearly 3/4 of consumers want to hear from your clients via email. Are you helping them do their part to make their emails something customers want to open and respond to?

New Video! Q1 2014 Marketing Forecast Focuses on Small Business Marketing

The first quarter 2014 edition of the Ad-ology Marketing Forecast focuses on the 2014 Small Business Marketing Forecast, featuring findings from the 6th annual Ad-ology Research study. SMB Optimism, Ad Spending Increases, Email and Mobile Marketing are featured topics.

Accountants Turn to Email Marketing

Content marketing is one of the buzzwords for 2013. This industry trend, in the form of email, is being adopted by more accountants and CPA firms according to the newly released CPA Firm Email Marketing Benchmark Report. For businesses in this sector, emailing a newsletter regularly is proving to be an effective form of content marketing.

The study was conducted by the BizActions division of ThomsonReuters and PDI

More Integration Between Social Media and Email Predicted for Holiday Season

As the holidays approach, retailers are looking for new ways to connect with consumers online. In the past few years, a favorite tactic had been encouraging consumers to forward promotional emails to their friends or family members. This year, retailers will be trying something new.

Email Engagement: More Marketers May be Timing Their Releases

Are consumers paying attention to email messages? Is there a way marketers can increase consumer engagement with email? These questions were explored in a survey recently carried out by Pivotal Veracity. Their findings can help marketers improve the results of their email campaigns.