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Triggered Email Messages Delivering Higher Open Rates

It’s not too early for marketers to begin considering their strategy for email campaigns during the upcoming holiday season. New research shows that the kind of email a marketer sends out plays a big role in whether a message gets opened. As a result, more marketers are likely to increase their use of triggered email messages.

Lead Generation, Customer Acquisition to Remain Top Email Goals

Email marketing has been around long enough to be considered a legacy digital format. But that doesn’t mean this channel is losing its effectiveness. BtoB marketers, in particular, intend to continue using email in a big way.

Enterprises to Tweak Their Email Marketing Strategies

Email marketing continues to be an important advertising tool and Winterberry Group predicts spending in the format will reach $1.8 billion in 2012. But new developments in online media have impacted email marketing. As a result, enterprises plan to adjust how they will use email.

SMBs to be Heavily Targeted with Direct Marketing

Marketers have long relied on direct mail and e‑mail to reach potential customers with their pitch. Established marketers often work with their in-house list comprised of current customers and for e‑mail, these folks have typically opted to receive these communications. But for businesses just starting out, a long-standing marketing strategy has been list rental. New statistics on the types of lists in demands this year reveal which marketers will be targeting specific types of clients.

Email Campaigns to Deliver High ROI for Marketers

Email marketing continues as a mainstay for many advertisers. Despite dire predictions that social media and mobile marketing would reduce email marketing’s allure, it seems that advertisers are finding ways to combine email with these newer formats because this channel consistently delivers results. Analysts remain positive about advertiser use of email marketing.

Marketers to Optimize Email Campaigns for New Formats and Day of Week

Email has long been a good way for marketers to stay in touch with customers and to personalize pitches about new products and services. As technology improved, text-based emails were upgraded to include still photos and video. But marketers may need to do a little more work on their email presentation as consumers begin to use smartphones and mobile devices to view their email.

Marketers to Implement a SnoozeTM Feature to Retain Email Subscribers

It’s a problem faced by every marketer attempting to maintain a customer relationship via email: churn. Some businesses report a churn rate that exceeds 30%. Marketers face a delicate balance when deciding how much email to send to a customer. If they do not send enough email, they may lose business to a more aggressive competitor. But if they send out too many updates, offers and sales notices, they may find themselves on the receiving end of an unsubscribe notice. This is an unfortunate outcome because the initial customer acquisition has a significant cost.

More Online Retailers to Employ Streamlined Email in 2011

Marketers may be reconsidering their email strategies in 2011. While email has long proved an effective strategy for increasing sales, consumers these days are communicating more through text messaging or social media. As a result, marketers are likely to reduce their email volume and attempt to make each email contact point more effective.

Marketers to Integrate Email and Social Media

In the past several months, I’ve highlighted several surveys that show how most marketers plan to increase both email and social media campaigns this year. Strongmail’s survey on this topic verifies what other surveys have revealed. In addition, 50% of participants in the Strongmail survey also say they’ll be increasing their marketing budget for 2011. But it’s the detailed findings in this survey that make for particularly interesting reading.

Marketers Ramping Up Email Promotions

It’s no secret that virtually all online retailers rely on email and their websites for promotions. But this year, online retailers have already begun their email holiday promotional pitches. Nearly 6 out of 10 online retailers mentioned the upcoming December holiday season in their emails sent out during the last full week of October. And these email promotions will continue through the week of December 20th if the previous patterns in 2008 and 2009 are accurate indicators.

Email and Social Media Marketing to Remain Strong for 2010

Add StrongMail, a leading provider of online marketing solutions for email and social media, to the list of industry experts predicting continued investment in these media formats for 2010. StrongMail’s most recent global business survey also revealed that nearly all (89%) of operators will either maintain or increase marketing budgets next year. This general optimism is based on the belief that customers are expected to spend more next year.

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