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Pediatricians to Promote Treatment to Children Suffering from Anxiety

Nearly two in five (38%) parents say their child suffers from anxiety, according to a new survey commissioned by the American Osteopathic Association and conducted online by The Harris Poll.

The “art” of selling – the permanent TO DO

While sales without salespeople is possible, salespeople, you included, have the power to make a sale that will lead to long-term, reoccurring or multiple sales, if you master the art of emotionally-connected selling.

Are You Cultivating the Right Qualities for Your Company’s Culture?

The most successful scions of Wall Street are usually depicted in the movies as greedy and Machiavellian. If you think those characteristics will help you lead your company to the next level, you’re wrong.

How to Manage Meeting Mayhem

Not every meeting will go as planned. The way you handle a client or partner outburst during a meeting will impact the long-term relationship and impact your reputation as a manager.

Should You Drive Prospect Buying with Emotion or Intellect?

When selling, should you appeal to a buyer's emotion or intellect? If you think intellect is the answer, read on to find out why you may be wrong.

New Product Launches to Make Emotional Connection

What do the launches of Microsoft’s Windows 8, Wendy’s Pretzel Bacon Cheeseburger, and the 2013 Toyota Corolla have in common? According to the Most Memorable New Product Launch MMNPL survey, from Sentient Decision Science and Schneider Associates, these products made the best emotional connection with consumers. As a result, consumers were also more likely to remember and purchase these products.