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Working Better with Others – Even if You're a Manager

They call him the "DISC Whisperer" for a reason. Steve Sisler is like an FBI profiler but for businesses, and he proved it at LTDS in San Diego. "You can know so much about a person when you build a reservoir of how people think, and the emotions going on in a person’s life," Sisler told attendees. Building an arsenal of emotional tools to communicate better with everyone at work can be a manager's best investment.

Leaders: Are You Taking the High Road?

Michelle Obama famously coined the phrase, “when others go low, we go high.” She was talking politics, of course. As a manager, you can put this advice to good use during times of departmental and organizational conflict.

Leadership Humility: Are You Strong Enough?

Many mistakenly believe that being humble is a sign of weakness. We associate the word, “humility,” with other words that are unfair attachments to the true meaning of humility.

Adaptability: A Lifehack for Leadership

The concept of adaptability, as developed by Dr. Michael O’Connor, co-author of The Platinum Rule®, is a two-part process: flexibility and versatility.

Have You Trained Your Managers to Recognize Mental Health Issues?

We talk a lot on this blog about how managers need training to improve workplace culture. One topic that should be added to the mix is mental health training.

Are We Willing to Fail?

Nobody wants to fail, but everybody will. The problem with many leaders is that they are not willing to fail.

How to Disagree Without Arguing

The last thing you want is for everyone on your team to automatically agree with every idea you propose. Could they be holding back on what they really think because they fear disagreeing with you? If that’s the case, you may need to work on your leadership style.

How Does Your Organization Define Empathy?

With the economy nearing full employment, workers are feeling bolder about putting their resume on the street to see if they can find a better job. What exactly constitutes a better job and what can you, as a leader or hiring manager, do to retain existing talent and recruit new talent?

How to be a Great Leader – Deliberate Practice Makes Perfect

If you’ve been promoted into a management position, and you feel like a fraud, it might be because you fear you aren’t ready, or that nobody will take direction from little old you. All your life you’ve probably been hearing about natural-born athletes, musicians or speakers. Where does that leave you, if you’re not a natural-born anything?

What’s Your Charisma Score?

George Clooney is the world's most attractive man. And, he's also got charisma. What should the rest of us do to boost charisma, especially those who are in leadership positions?

Are You Ready to Lead Your Company into the Future?

Are you ready for the future? Is your company ready to take on the challenges of the next technology revolution? In a recent Fast Company post, Jared Lindzon describes the new type of leadership necessary to survive in a world where the pace of business is speeding up.

58% of Job Performance Tied to Emotional Intelligence

Daniel Goldman famously applied EI to the business world and pointed out that business leaders with high EI are the most effective at their jobs. Another study proved that 58% of your job performance is tied to your emotional intelligence. How can you make EI work for you?

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