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Manage Smarter 103: The Magic Words of Management

Phil Jones is author of five best-selling books and youngest ever winner of "British Excellence in Sales and Marketing" Award and his life's work is to demystify the process of persuasion. In this episode, we discuss: Why indecision is the enemy of leaders; Key phrases to turning the leverage around onto the non-performer and to create empathy; Why leaders shouldn’t ask for recommendations that don't get buy-in and how to fix this; and How to make people SEE what you’re saying instead of HEARING it.

Working Better with Others – Even if You're a Manager

They call him the "DISC Whisperer" for a reason. Steve Sisler is like an FBI profiler but for businesses, and he proved it at LTDS in San Diego. "You can know so much about a person when you build a reservoir of how people think, and the emotions going on in a person’s life," Sisler told attendees. Building an arsenal of emotional tools to communicate better with everyone at work can be a manager's best investment.

5 Personality Traits that Make Better Salespeople

There are personality traits you may already have that can help you succeed in sales. Here's a list of ones you should hone to up your sales game.

How Does Your Organization Define Empathy?

With the economy nearing full employment, workers are feeling bolder about putting their resume on the street to see if they can find a better job. What exactly constitutes a better job and what can you, as a leader or hiring manager, do to retain existing talent and recruit new talent?

How Empathy Can Boost Your Position with Prospects

Empathy shines brightest when things go wrong. Your client is feeling frustrated, mad, and a whole slew of other negative emotions, but most of all, she’s worried that you won’t care enough to fix the problem quickly.

How Non-Traditional Traits Can Help You Seal the Deal

Being a great salesperson is not all about being an extrovert and having great speaking skills. Michael Pici explains some of the unusual character traits top salespeople share in his blog post on hubspot​.com.

Do Your Clients Trust You?

In order to inspire client loyalty, you have to first gain their trust. Here are a few tips on how to do so with the help of James Alexander and his article, “Brilliant CX: Compressing the Cycle Time of Trust.”

Marketers Focus on Empathy to Improve the Customer Experience

Marketers know the cost of acquiring a new customer exceeds the cost of keeping an existing customer happy and loyal. One way to improve loyalty is to emphasize the customer experience. The Temkin Group believes 2014 could be the Year of Empathy if marketers strive to enhance the customer experience by listening to consumers and trying to anticipate their needs.