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One in Six Likely to Purchase eReader in Next Six Months

One in six Americans (15%) uses an e‑Reader device up from less than one in ten (8%) a year ago. Among those who do not have an e‑Reader, one in six (15%) say they are likely to get an e‑Reader device in the next six months, according to Harris Interactive. While there will always be a place for books in hard cover or paperback, reading devices are here to stay and readers are quickly catching on to this wave as are booksellers.

eReader Owners More Likely to Shop Online

According to a new survey from BIGresearch, 13.2% of Adults 18+ own a BlackBerry, 11.3% own an iPhone, 9.3% own a Droid and 5.2% own an iPad. With approximately a third of the U.S. adult population using smartphones and other mobile devices, marketers need to understand the digital habits of these savvy consumers. BlackBerry, Droid, iPad, iPhone and even eReader Owners are more likely to be engaging in social networking, online shopping and downloading music/videos compared to the average consumer. Over half (51%) of eReader Owners regularly shop online for fun, and all types of mobile device owners appear to conduct more research online prior to purchasing in a store. After researching and shopping online, the next step is to share with family and friends, and mobile device owners are more likely than the general population to seek out and give advice about products or services.

One in Ten Americans Likely to Purchase eReader in Next Six Months

A new study from Harris Interactive takes a look at the changes occurring in the book industry with the growing popularity of eReaders. Specifically, has the introduction of this new way of reading changed reading habits? Right now, just one in ten Americans (8%) uses an electronic reader device of some kind, so any real changes may take a while to detect, but some small changes are noticeable now. Namely, those who have eReaders do, in fact, read more. Among those who have an eReader, over one-third read 11–20 books a year (36%) and over one-quarter read 21 or more books in an average year (26%). And among those adults who do not currently have an eReader, just over one in ten (12%) say they are likely to get one in the next six months.