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Workers Expect Employers to Share Their Ethical Concerns

In today’s job mar­ket, employ­ees have more pow­er than ever before. And they’re using this pow­er to try to con­vince com­pa­nies to behave accord­ing to the prin­ci­ples they val­ue most.

Marketing Ethical Food to Younger Consumers Likely to Rise

As con­sumers shift their eat­ing pat­terns to pre­pare more meals at home, they may also be check­ing the labels in stores to learn what prod­ucts con­tain and how they are pro­duced. Besides being con­cerned about food qual­i­ty, con­sumers also want to pur­chase prod­ucts that have been eth­i­cal­ly pro­duced. Accord­ing to a recent Con­text Mar­ket­ing study, near­ly 2 out of 3 con­sumers believe eth­i­cal­ly pro­duced food is health­i­er and safer to eat.