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Retailers to Promote Fall-Prevention Products and Services to Seniors

“Every 11 seconds in the U.S., an older adult ends up in an emergency room due to a fall, according to Consumer Reports. ‘It’s the leading cause of accidental death in the elderly,’ says Cathleen Colón-Emeric, M.D., chief of geriatrics at the Duke University School of Medicine. Falls can result in a variety of injuries, including hip fractures and head trauma, which can have lasting consequences.”

More Than Half of Homeowners Planning Fall Home Improvement

More than half (52%) of homeowners plan to make a home improvement or addition this fall, according to a new survey from Zillow. Homeowners plan to spend approximately $1,000, and will continue to focus on home office or playroom remodels in the fall. Overall, younger homeowners and homes with children are significantly more likely to be planning a home improvement or addition this fall.