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Financial Institutions Can Target College Tuition Payers With Loan Packages

According to the 2018 Allianz Tuition Insurance College Confidence Index, roughly 40% of families find the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) challenging to complete; a troubling statistic considering the growing number of families saving nothing for college. The index reveals a growing “college savings gap,” as even parents who have saved have only about a third of what they think a four-year degree will cost. Both groups expect to tap outside sources (including those accessible after filing the FAFSA) to cover 40% of the balance, a significant increase from 2017.

Financial Services Companies May Benefit from Green Marketing, Initiatives

For many financial institutions, pre-recession initiatives such as green marketing have taken a back seat as they have been dealing with the aftermath of the economic crisis. But, it may be time to pull out those tools again in order to help rebuild their image. According to new research from Mintel for the report, “Green Marketing in Finance, 2011,” 72% of respondents said they “feel good about working with a financial services firm that invests in companies that are looking at eco-solutions.” However, the data also shows a certain measure of cynicism, as almost half of respondents state that they believe that a company that claims to be green is just trying to promote a better image for itself. “Overcoming this cynicism is the key to a successful green marketing campaign that really stands out,” says Susan Menke, vice president and behavioral economist at Mintel.

Consumers Eager for More Innovative Packaged Goods

Consumers are eager for innovation when it comes to packaged goods, household and personal products, per a new study from Ipsos Marketing, Consumer Goods.