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Financial Planners to Council Retirement Planners on How To Spend Wisely

"You’re probably seeing a lot of pictures of old people on social media as the latest craze over the 'FaceApp Challenge' has children looking like seniors. This latest obsession of aging yourself may seem like a cool thing to do, but how do people really feel about getting older, asks Ipsos?"

Financial Planners to Target Retirement-Planning Americans without 401(k)s

"Buoyed by a growing economy and stock market gains, more Americans are feeling confident about their ability to afford a comfortable retirement, according to a long-running national survey released this week. Still, there are big gaps in confidence between workers who have a retirement plan, such as a 401(k), and those who don't, according to Consumer Reports."

3 Trends Financial Planning Firms Can Take to the Bank – and to the Client

"Investing is different and more involved today than ever before," Jordan Kasteler writes for Inc​.com. "Savvy investors who are planning for retirement should be aware of the evolving landscape. The following are three significant economic trends that will change financial planning for consumers in 2017."