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Can Fresh Focus on German Restaurants Save Them?

Yelp Data Scientist Carl Bialik says German food ranked number 83 of the 100 biggest restaurant categories in growth. Unfortunately, all across the country, German restaurants are calling it quits. Converting traditional German eateries into biergartens and transforming menus into fresh takes on German cooking could be the trend that saves them.

9 Food Trends to Incorporate for Food Truck Success this Season

Food truck owners can look to the future for ways to grow their business and create more culinary magic with the help of food trends. Adopting upcoming food trends can keep a business current and competitive and give cooks the inspiration needed to be a trendsetter too. Check out these ways food truckers can incorporate food trends for 2018 into their food trucks.

5% Describe Themselves as 'Foodies'

How Americans relate to what they eat has undergone a substantial shift in the past couple of decades. What was once a source of fuel for everyone, and a source of solace and pleasure for many people, is now a vehicle for self-expression, a point of pride, a political statement, a declaration of identity and much more.

8 Flavor Trends Foodies Fight For

McCormick & Company released its McCormick Flavor Forecastå¨ Reveals Eight Flavor Trends For 2015, highlighting 8 trends that will shape the future of flavor. The report drives flavor innovation and exploration throughout the food industry and in kitchens everywhere.

Foodies Drive Sales of Small Home Appliances

The U.S. small home appliance market grew 4 percent to $19.6 billion in the months from July 2013 through June 2014. The NPD Group is reporting brisk sales in the small appliance sector. Consumer interest seems to center on two areas of interest — small appliances which offer good functionality and those which offer something new.

Ad-ology Insights: Multi-Tasking Consumers, Foodies, and the U.S. Chocolate Market

The October 2010 Ad-ology Insights video briefing features data on Multi-Tasking Consumers, Interests+Attitudes of Foodies, and the growing U.S. Chocolate Market.