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College Football Fans Poised to Pay Plenty to Enjoy the Game

Some fans will spend hundreds to thousands of dollars on college football activities this season, from hosting game-day parties to attending the big games. According to a SunTrust survey conducted by Harris Poll, 72% of self-proclaimed college football fans are willing to give up something to save for tickets, lodging, tailgating, team merchandise and other activities.

Super Bowl Spending Expected to Reach $10.1 Billion

As Super Bowl Sunday fast approaches, more people than ever will celebrate the big game. According to a new survey by the Retail Advertising and Marketing Association, the average consumer is expected to spend $59.33 on game-related merchandise, apparel and snacks, up from $52.63 in 2010. Total Super Bowl spending is expected to reach $10.1 billion. Grocery, apparel, electronic, sporting goods and home furnishing stores can expect to see their share of Super Bowl related spending as sports fans head out to buy food and beverages (69.5%), team apparel or accessories (7.3%), decorations (6.0%), and furniture or a new entertainment center (2.0%). Further good news for retailers is that of those who plan on watching the game, at least 4.5 million (4.5%) will take advantage of retailers’ promotions and buy a new television, compared to the 3.6 million who said they would in 2010.

Football Marketers Stretching Influence to Year-Round

Rob Stecklow, NFL director of advertising, has a vision for football’s licensed products sales and it extends to ‘year-round marketing programs.’ According to a recent article in Sports Business Journal, Stecklow is looking to a new “Back to Football’ marketing program and the women’s market to achieve his goals.