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Marketers Prepare to Move to the Total Retail Model

Tech companies have opened the doors to a brave new world of commerce and consumers have quickly adapted to the digital process of discovering products, researching what they want, and making purchases. Retailers have been slower to come up the curve. In a new report, PriceWaterhouseCooper (PWC) urges marketers to embrace a Total Retail model which means they’ll be focusing on a single brand message and customer experience across all channels supported by an integrated back-office operation.

Marketers Watching Twitter’s Lower Ad Rates, Aging User Base

Twitter remains a popular social site for marketers as it currently has 241 million active users monthly. However, in its annual report, the firm acknowledges that ad rates have dropped for 7 quarters now. At the same time, the company’s user growth rate has been stalling and new research from eMarketer suggests that the user base is aging. These changes have implications for the firm and its marketers.

More Marketers Updating Their Logos

In an era when images are increasingly important to consumers, marketers should be thinking about what they are communicating with their logos. A press release from Nashville, TV-based Horton Group encourages marketers to review their logos. The company’s analysts identify 3 specific circumstances that should prompt marketers to update their logos.

More Restaurants Embark on Co-Branding Campaigns

One way for niche restaurant operators to attract more traffic is to explore co-branding with another restaurant that has a complementary rather than competing menu. A recent series of articles in Fast Casual discussed the pros and cons of these arrangements. While the article focused on well-known quick serve restaurants, cobranding could work with small locally owned establishments as well.

Marketers Tailor Twitter Pitches to Conversation Types

If you’re working with clients on their social media strategy, it’s likely that you’ve discussed Twitter. The microblogging site limits messages to 140 characters and is extremely popular with specific consumer groups. More marketers are checking out Twitter and using the site’s tools. One way to improve targeting with Twitter may be to understand the types of conversations consumers are having on the site. Pew Research recently outlined 6 dominant types of Twitter conversations.

CPG Marketers to Use Buyergraphics in Personalized Promotions

Earlier this week, I highlighted an Advertising Age article about the shift in the CPG industry as marketers move resources from traditional to digital ad campaigns. Another study, this one is from Catalina, suggests that a move to general digital isn’t cost efficient for most large food marketers. Catalina’s research shows that marketers are better served by personalizing their promotions based on ‘buyergraphics’.

Lifecycle Marketers to Focus on Engagement in 2014

ExactTarget’s 2014 State of Marketing study includes insights from 2,500 industry professionals. Earlier this year, I highlighted attitudes regarding social media use and responsive design revealed by this study. However, the report includes valuable data on a number of topics, including which digital formats will be most popular and how lifestyle marketers are shifting focus.

Digital Radio Operators Moving into Local Ad Sales

Digital radio continues to attract listeners and revenue. But industry watchers worry that profitability problems and scale pose long-term challenges. The experiences of Pandora, a large industry operator, illustrate where the digital radio market is headed this year.

Cinema Operators Use New Technology to Boost Ad Revenue

The cinema delivers captive audiences who are in a relaxed mood and receptive to what they see on the screen. Over 30,000 cinema screens are available to display marketer messages and the Cinema Ad Council notes that advertising levels have reached at least $600 million in each of the last three years. To grow revenues more quickly, some operators are turning to technology.

Large CPG Marketers Shifting to Digital

Marketers who are promoting branded packaged foods have been feeling pinched ever since the recession started. Some consumers have been migrating to less-expensive private label products. Other consumers are spending more money on fresh products and local or regional brands. According to an Advertising Age write-up that covered the industry’s Consumer Analyst Group meeting, these marketers are realizing they need a fresh product development approach and increased investment in digital media.

Video Consumption Shift to Drive Changes in Marketer Advertising Strategies

TV advertising has been a protected class in the traditional media category. Marketers continue to increase spending on the medium as consumers watch hours of TV on a daily basis. But the CEO of Comcast, Brian Roberts, expects big changes in TV viewing habits over the next 5 years. Along with viewing changes will come advertising shifts.

Beauty Supply Shoppers Relying on Mobile and Video During Research, Purchase

Beauty brands have a chance to find new customers and increase loyalty if they build their online presence. The Digital Beauty Study from Google/Millward Brown reveals that beauty product shoppers rely on online video and mobile devices as they consider various skincare and makeup options. Consumers often engage in multiple research sessions, giving marketers several opportunities to sway opinions and ultimately increase sales.

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