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Political Campaigns to Expand Use of Non-Traditional Media This Year

Every 2 years, local media companies anticipate a revenue boost from political advertising. In recent years, divisive campaigns have resulted in huge windfalls for some TV station operators and newspaper publishers. 2014 is an election year with plenty of expected campaign advertising but some industry watchers are predicting a significant shift from traditional to digital media formats. The Off the Grid survey produced for Google links the shift to changing consumer behavior.

Ad Agencies Questioning Value of Social Media

Ad agencies know they have to be up to speed on the latest technology in order to win clients. This same technology can also be problematic when clients are looking for hard data on their return on investment (ROI). STRATA, in a new survey, notes that half of agencies limit their social media ad purchases because they can’t demonstrate value.

Changes may be Coming to Rewards-Based Mobile Campaigns

Last summer, some ad industry experts were predicting that consumers were less than thrilled with mobile ad campaigns. They suggested that consumers would be more likely to pay attention to and interact with mobile ads if there was a reward involved. In a recent Adweek article, Mike Shields questions whether the rewards-driven mobile market may be shifting as larger platforms like Facebook, Google and Twitter dominate the space.

Traditional Publishers to Begin Offering Digital Marketing Services

Are digital marketing services the future for traditional media publishers? In a recent speech given at the Key Executives Mega Conference, Gordon Borrell urged newspaper leaders to consider new revenue sources, including digital marketing services. The details of his presentation were summarized by Kathy Haley at NetNewsCheck and built on the Future of Legacy Media report that Borrell Associates released last month.

Retailer Geo-Targeting is Rapidly Growing

Bricks and mortar stores have plenty of completion from online competitors and other enterprises in the local market. One way to get an edge on the competition is to court potential customers who are in the immediate area. xAd, a mobile-location ad platform, has just released its assessment of geo-targeting based on information it has been compiling from its clients and sees a bright future for this ad format.

Marketers Can Forge Bonds with Consumers by Discounting Immediate-Use Products

In an era when price rules as one of the most important factors on the path to purchase, is it fair to question the impact of constant price promotion? Leonard Lee and Claire Tsai, researchers at the University of Chicago think so. Their detailed analysis of consumer behavior and attitudes regarding price promotion, just published in the Journal of Consumer Research, draws significant conclusions about discounting and its impact on brand value and loyalty. The bottom line is that marketers who sell products intended for immediate use and consumption have the most to gain from this practice.

Toy Marketers Gear Up for Next Holiday Season

Some of us may still be recovering from last year but marketers are already working on the upcoming holiday season. Toy manufacturers and retailers know they need to hit the shelves at just the right time, with the right products in order to make a big hit with kids and parents. The Toy Industry Association’s annual fair has just wrapped up and industry experts have compiled a list of what they expect will be the must-have toys this year.

Are Custom Brand Exchanges the Future?

Programmatic ad buying is capturing more attention and a bigger portion of the digital marketing budget. Industry experts note that the programmatic market has been doing particularly well in terms of direct response money. At the same time, there’s been growth in private exchanges. Now, Google wants to change everything and create a ‘custom brand exchange’ that will allow it to serve “as an intermediary between high quality publishers and the upper echelon of advertising options in a demand-driven market," according to a post by Corey Pollack on Wave Digital Media.

Social Media to Become More Important for Fast-Growing SMBs

As the speed of commerce increases, small and medium-sized (SMBs) know they need to stay top of mind with prospects and customers. The need to generate awareness is even more urgent for marketers who are in hyper-growth mode. LinkedIn has released a new study showing that its social network is a valued marketing tool for SMBs.

CFOs Predict Healthy Retail Growth, Strong Digital Marketing Strategies for 2014

You know it’s good news when CFOs, the gloomiest members of the C‑suite, start releasing positive projections. In the BDO USA, LLP survey, CFOs for top U.S. retailers signaled their confidence in the economy by predicting a 5.1% increase in revenue this year. These CFOs also gave some insight into which marketing strategies their companies will be using to compete in the e‑commerce sector.

Apparel and Beauty Marketers Winning Millennials Through Social Media

Millennials are more likely than other age groups to friend brands and companies on social media. The unique way they share their likes and preferences through various social networks is having an impact on both online and in-store sales. The latest research from the Center for Marketing Research at University of Massachusetts Dartmouth reveals which marketers can benefit from this consumer behavior.

CMOs Sharpen Focus on Social Media

Yesterday, I highlighted some of the top-level findings of the February 2014 CMO Survey from Dr. Christine Moorman at Duke’s Fuqua School of Business. This survey also queried senior marketing professionals about social media. The results reveal that social media continues to grow as a percentage of the total marketing budget but enterprises continue to struggle with integration.

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