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Drunk Shopping? What People Buy After They Leave the Bar

"America’s drunk shopping habit hits $30.43 billion. Are Americans making poor decisions after drinking? Nearly half of American adults (46%) who drink alcohol regularly admit to making a purchase while under the influence — an estimated 68 million people, drawn from Finder.com's study of 2,000 American adults."

When Out, 51% of Drinking-Aged Adults Prefer Slinging Back Spirits

What’s in your glass? That depends on who you are and where you are. Beer is the favorite at picnics and sporting events while wine is preferred for fine dining, and spirits are favored on a plane. Whether unwinding after work, catching a drink at the bar with friends, sitting down to dinner at a nice restaurant, heading to a picnic, or going to watch a major sports event – many adults have a favorite drink-of-choice.