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70 Percent Want to See Engaging, Mixed-Use Malls

From shopping center to inclusive community space, America’s malls are evolving. "The narrative around the death of the mall is a myth and consumers don’t believe they are going to lose their local center anytime soon. Consumer demands and habits are evolving and malls are adapting to those new behaviors. The general sentiment is that malls will continue to play an important role but they will look different in the future, which is positive for communities across the country," said ICSC President and CEO Tom McGee.

75% Shop at Malls at Least Once a Month

In the U.S. alone, research from JC Decaux reveals, that there are more than 100,000 shopping centers with 75% of Americans visiting a mall at least once per month. 81% prefer to shop with a friend, making an average of one purchase per trip, and spending nearly $4,000 annually.