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How to Improve the Managers' Experience at Your Company

In some organizations, leaders focus so intently on the employee experience that they overlook another important element of company culture: the manager experience.


How to Cut Down on Monday Absenteeism

Is there a workday that employees dread any more than Mondays? Since the start of the industrial age, people have looked for ways to put off the sound of the alarm clock ringing on Monday mornings.


How Personalized Coaching Improves Engagement

Are you having a tough time convincing a top salesperson to step into the sales management role at your company. Your situation may improve if you offer to help them by using a sales coaching management platform.


How to Help Team Members Set Goals, Maintain Accountability

One of the most radical changes impacting organizations is the morphing of the old performance appraisal into “performance development.” A thoughtful post by Jim Harter at Gallup challenges you to think about this concept.

face time

Managers: Workers Want More Face Time with You

Roughly half of employees have changed jobs in order to escape a bad boss. The details in Gallup’s State of the American Manager: Analytics and Advice for Leaders report reveal that employees often equate bad bosses with a lack of face time and feedback.

Over 50% of Millennials Plan to Work at a New Company in the Next Year

Gallup research shows that younger team members, millennials, are particularly likely to change jobs these days. Here’s how you can make sure they stay with you.

Are You Optimizing Your Employees’ Strengths?

Like many employers, you probably have a vast pool of talent that walks through the doors of your business every day. Are you making the most of that talent, or have you been trying to fit round pegs into square holes?

What One Thing Do Your Millennial Workers Crave?

If you’re new to managing millennials, you might need to change your strategy to succeed. The results of a new Gallup poll show what makes these team members happy on the job.

Sleepless in America

Whether it’s the constant attachment to always-on mobile devices or extra hours spent in front of the TV at night, something’s keeping U.S. consumers from their sleep. The Gallup poll reports that we’re getting about 1 hour less sleep than we were in the 1940s.