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eSports Advertisers Should Target Females

“Esports fans are often described as simply “male millennials,” and the description often fits: Globally, men far outnumber women both as esports competitors and fans, reports Nielsen. That doesn’t mean women aren’t in the game, however. Females are engaging with esports, and at increasing rates. According to a recent Nielsen Esports Fan Insights survey, 22% of esports fans around the world are female. And in countries where organized esports have been around the longest, we see more gender parity in esports fandom.”

Gamers Prefer to Play on Their Computers

Blueshift Trends Tracker Research finds most gamers prefer to play on their computers, followed by smartphones, and then consoles. Revenue through smartphone gaming is set to outpace console gaming for the first time in 2015. Expect to see major players roll out smartphone adaptations of their most popular console games.

Extreme Gamers Spend 48 Hours Per Week Playing Video Games

According to Gamer Segmentation 2010, from The NPD Group, the Extreme Gamers segment, which represents 4% of the total U.S. gaming population, spend 48.5 hours a week playing games. When looking at the number of hours gamers spend per week playing video games, hours spent playing both console and PC games showed a marked increase over last year’s study, with console games increasing 9% and PC games increasing 6%. “With these kinds of shifts in the composition of the gaming consumer and changes in gaming behavior, it’s clear that the need to understand gamers and their purchase patterns remains critical information to those that develop, market and sell games,” said Anita Frazier, industry analyst, The NPD Group.

Gamers Are Go-To Guys for Entertainment, Gadgets

According to a new Gamer Lifestyle Study by Giant Realm, three-quarters (75%) of respondents have at least one gaming console in their home. The survey found that gamers have active social lives. In fact, gamers are more likely than non-gamers to go out to eat, check out movies and hit the dating scene – suggesting that contrary to popular belief, gamers as a whole aren’t overweight, acne-ridden young men who have a penchant for junk food and have a shrinking circle of anti-social friends. Instead, the survey suggests that gamers are community influencers and leaders.