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Manage Smarter 81: How to Manage 4 Generations in 1 Workplace

z Devine Hew­son, CPC and Mark Lund, M.D., CPC are Co-Founders and Prin­ci­pals of Twin Lights Con­sult­ing. Their firm helps com­pa­nies cre­ate authen­tic com­mu­ni­ca­tion across the chasm divid­ing the gen­er­a­tions at work. In this episode, we dis­cuss: What year the num­ber of mil­len­ni­als in the work­force will equal 75% — it's soon­er than you might think; iden­ti­fy­ing and lever­ag­ing what gen­er­a­tions have to offer each oth­er in the work­place; and effec­tive­ly com­mu­ni­cat­ing with dif­fer­ent gen­er­a­tions to boost prof­its.

Younger Americans Prefer Mini-Vacations

"Last year, two-thirds (66%) of Amer­i­cans took at least one trip short­er than five nights, dri­ven by younger gen­er­a­tions (72% of mil­len­ni­als and 69% of Gen X’ers, vs. 60% baby boomers), accord­ing to a new Ipsos poll. For some, these short breaks are the longest vaca­tions they take: about three in ten Amer­i­cans (29%) indi­cat­ed their longest trip last year was last­ed less than five nights."

Smart Home Product Retailers to Target 35- to 54-Year-Olds

"Accord­ing to The NPD Group, 22% of U.S. inter­net house­holds report­ed own­ing a smart home device in Q4 2018, up from 17% in Q4 2017. Along­side own­er­ship growth, 2018 saw an 18% dol­lar sales growth in home automa­tion devices com­pared to 2017, and NPD’s lat­est Future of Tech fore­cast expects the cat­e­go­ry to reach $2.5 bil­lion dol­lars by the end of 2019."

59.7% of Gen Xers Have Auto Loans at the Highest Balances

Lend­ingTree, the nation's lead­ing online loan mar­ket­place, today released its study on auto debt by gen­er­a­tion that found those between the ages of 39 and 54 shoul­der the biggest load among its users, with near­ly 60% of Gen Xers hav­ing an auto loan.

Nearly Half of Americans Ages 45+ Trust P2P

"Ear­ly Warn­ing Ser­vices, LLC, the net­work oper­a­tor behind Zelle, today released the results of its sec­ond Dig­i­tal Pay­ments Adop­tion Study. It found that 50% of first time P2P users are aged 45 and old­er. Not just for younger gen­er­a­tions, old­er gen­er­a­tions are tri­al­ing P2P because of grow­ing con­fi­dence and trust in dig­i­tal pay­ments."

24% of Gen Xers Buy Products Advertised on This Medium

Gen­er­a­tion X can be a slight­ly con­found­ing con­sumer age group for adver­tis­ers. They show pref­er­ences for tra­di­tion­al media like the gen­er­a­tions before them. But they’re also young enough to be tech­no­log­i­cal­ly savvy like mil­len­ni­als. So, what are the best adver­tis­ing meth­ods to reach them?

Women Are 10% More Likely Than Men To Talk About Death Preparation

Med­Cure, a lead­ing non-transplant tis­sue bank accred­it­ed by the Amer­i­can Asso­ci­a­tion of Tis­sue Banks, announced find­ings of the Med­Cure Mor­tal­i­ty Sur­vey. More than 1,600 respon­dents answered ques­tions rang­ing from views on mor­tal­i­ty and the after­life to what they want to have hap­pen to their bod­ies after death, reveal­ing that mil­len­ni­als and baby boomers are twice as like­ly as Gen X to donate their body to sci­ence, and women are more like­ly than men to be afraid of the after­life.

13% of Gen Xers Exceed Their Travel Budget

With its tenth annu­al Vaca­tion Con­fi­dence Index, Allianz Glob­al Assis­tance finds 10% of Amer­i­cans admit to going over bud­get while on vaca­tion last year, and those who did, on aver­age, over­spent by 27% ($534).

Targeting Today's 5 Types of Luxury Shoppers

Twenty-seven per­cent of con­sumers believe lux­u­ry prod­ucts and ser­vices are more acces­si­ble. This per­ceived acces­si­bil­i­ty gives adver­tis­ers a broad­er audi­ence to reach out to.

Restaurants Can Hit Their Sweet (or Savory!) Spot with Gen X

For­ev­er in the shad­ow of Boomers and Mil­len­ni­als, Gen Xers can now take cen­ter stage as an impor­tant cus­tomer base for restau­rants, finds The NPD Group, a lead­ing glob­al infor­ma­tion com­pa­ny. Gen­er­a­tion X, ages 36 to 52, now rep­re­sents 23 per­cent of all restau­rant vis­its, not a sig­nif­i­cant dif­fer­ence from Boomers and Mil­len­ni­als, who rep­re­sent 26 and 25 per­cent of vis­its respec­tive­ly

Butchers, Delis Get Gen Xers on Dinner Game Plans

It turns out each gen­er­a­tion approach­es the “What’s for Din­ner?” ques­tion dif­fer­ent­ly. If there is one meal that exem­pli­fies the dif­fer­ences among gen­er­a­tions, it’s din­ner, finds The NPD Group. Each group’s moti­va­tions, needs, and wants when it comes to din­ner are as var­ied as their taste in music, accord­ing to a recent­ly released gen­er­a­tional study pub­lished by The NPD Group.

Marketers Should Use Multiple Touchpoints to Engage Gen Xers

Gen­er­a­tion X bridges tra­di­tion­al and dig­i­tal media usage and its mem­bers are vir­tu­al­ly always con­nect­ed, thanks to mobile devices. Gen Xers are ful­ly com­fort­able using both tra­di­tion­al and dig­i­tal media chan­nels, so mar­keters should com­mu­ni­cate to this audi­ence via mul­ti­ple touch­points. Gen Xers are an impor­tant con­sumer seg­ment because they are in the prime of their earn­ing and spend­ing poten­tial.

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