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How to Coach Employees to Help Themselves

If your new sales assis­tant seems intim­i­dat­ed by the bul­ly in the bud­get office, she might be in the habit of rely­ing on you to get the month­ly sales num­bers. To pre­vent this sit­u­a­tion from get­ting out of hand, fol­low the advice of Mar­lene Chism and train your team mem­bers to solve more of their own prob­lems.

Foolproof Sales Training

When it comes to employ­ee train­ing, you must con­cern your­self not only with what is taught, but also with how it will be learned by your employ­ees. After all, the best train­ing in the world will be wast­ed if your employ­ees can­not retain and apply it.

Are Your New Managers Paralyzed by Fear?

As Rob Caruc­ci points out in his recent Forbes col­umn, exec­u­tives who steal from the com­pa­ny or harass sub­or­di­nates are fod­der for news talk shows and late-night com­e­dy mock­ery. Those kinds of blun­ders can bring a com­pa­ny down, but oth­er kinds of leader errors cause prob­lems, too.

Are You Helping Your Sales Reps Develop Mental Toughness?

As a man­ag­er, you’ve prob­a­bly noticed that some new reps excel at fol­low­ing up on leads and clos­ing deals, while oth­ers don't. The prob­lem for some low­er-per­form­ing reps is tied to a lack of men­tal tough­ness, in Gregg Swanson’s opin­ion.

Brain Training for Managers

In today’s busi­ness envi­ron­ment, your col­leagues may brag that they work just fine in a mul­ti­task­ing envi­ron­ment. In truth, the qual­i­ty of anyone’s work after a mul­ti­task­ing ses­sion prob­a­bly needs a seri­ous review. How can man­agers accom­plish more in a work­place filled with dis­trac­tions and mul­ti­ple demands on their time?

Improving Sales and Service with Simulation Learning

As Dr. Tony Alessan­dra artic­u­lat­ed so well in his Novem­ber 30th blog “Fool­proof Sales Train­ing,” many orga­ni­za­tions are turn­ing to vir­tu­al train­ing (i.e. sim­u­la­tion learn­ing) to cre­ate a con­tin­u­ous learn­ing cul­ture.

Top Hacks to Help Young Supervisors Succeed

More lead­ers are pro­mot­ing younger peo­ple into posi­tions that require them to super­vise much old­er team mem­bers. If you want to avoid a hit in per­for­mance that often accom­pa­nies this kind of change, check out this advice.

Does Your Sales Onboarding Process Need a Reboot?

The first few weeks your new sales rep spends on the job are crit­i­cal. The first few weeks your new sales rep spends on the job are crit­i­cal.

Foolproof Sales Training

Three thou­sand busi­ness own­ers were sur­veyed about their train­ing prac­tices and asked to relate those prac­tices to pro­duc­tiv­i­ty. They found that edu­ca­tion pro­duces twice the gain in pro­duc­tiv­i­ty and effi­cien­cy than mon­ey spent on tools and machin­ery.

How to Close the Gap Between Self-Reflection and Action

Busi­ness lead­ers know the path to suc­cess involves being able to step back and look at the big pic­ture. Effec­tive lead­ers do this on an annu­al, month­ly, and even dai­ly basis. The steps lead­ers take fol­low­ing self-reflec­tion may be even more impor­tant.

Does Your Coaching Style Include This One Key Behavior?

When we think of tra­di­tion­al coach­es, we envi­sion an expert show­ing and telling us how to accom­plish our goals. In the work­place, man­age­r­i­al coach­ing of key employ­ees calls for a dif­fer­ent strat­e­gy.

How to Deliver Negative Feedback that Doesn’t Hurt

When it’s time to deliv­er neg­a­tive feed­back to a team mem­ber, the way you han­dle the sit­u­a­tion as a man­ag­er can make a big dif­fer­ence.

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