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Foolproof Sales Training

When it comes to employee training, you must concern yourself not only with what is taught, but also with how it will be learned by your employees. After all, the best training in the world will be wasted if your employees cannot retain and apply it.

Are Your New Managers Paralyzed by Fear?

As Rob Carucci points out in his recent Forbes column, executives who steal from the company or harass subordinates are fodder for news talk shows and late-night comedy mockery. Those kinds of blunders can bring a company down, but other kinds of leader errors cause problems, too.

Are You Helping Your Sales Reps Develop Mental Toughness?

As a manager, you’ve probably noticed that some new reps excel at following up on leads and closing deals, while others don’t. The problem for some lower-performing reps is tied to a lack of mental toughness, in Gregg Swanson’s opinion.

Brain Training for Managers

In today’s business environment, your colleagues may brag that they work just fine in a multitasking environment. In truth, the quality of anyone’s work after a multitasking session probably needs a serious review. How can managers accomplish more in a workplace filled with distractions and multiple demands on their time?

Improving Sales and Service with Simulation Learning

As Dr. Tony Alessandra articulated so well in his November 30th blog “Foolproof Sales Training,” many organizations are turning to virtual training (i.e. simulation learning) to create a continuous learning culture.

Top Hacks to Help Young Supervisors Succeed

More leaders are promoting younger people into positions that require them to supervise much older team members. If you want to avoid a hit in performance that often accompanies this kind of change, check out this advice.

Does Your Sales Onboarding Process Need a Reboot?

The first few weeks your new sales rep spends on the job are critical. The first few weeks your new sales rep spends on the job are critical.

Foolproof Sales Training

Three thousand business owners were surveyed about their training practices and asked to relate those practices to productivity. They found that education produces twice the gain in productivity and efficiency than money spent on tools and machinery.

How to Close the Gap Between Self-Reflection and Action

Business leaders know the path to success involves being able to step back and look at the big picture. Effective leaders do this on an annual, monthly, and even daily basis. The steps leaders take following self-reflection may be even more important.

Does Your Coaching Style Include This One Key Behavior?

When we think of traditional coaches, we envision an expert showing and telling us how to accomplish our goals. In the workplace, managerial coaching of key employees calls for a different strategy.

How to Deliver Negative Feedback that Doesn’t Hurt

When it’s time to deliver negative feedback to a team member, the way you handle the situation as a manager can make a big difference.

What One Thing Do Your Millennial Workers Crave?

If you’re new to managing millennials, you might need to change your strategy to succeed. The results of a new Gallup poll show what makes these team members happy on the job.

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