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Google Says Consumers Will Research Early, Buy Later for the Holidays

Consumers are already purchasing and buying gifts for the upcoming holidays. A significant amount of this activity takes place online so marketers who don’t have their digital presence updated should make that task their top priority. Google’s analysis of shoppers behavior suggests that while researching will take place all season long, at least 8% of consumers don’t complete their purchases until after Christmas which means that online ad spending should align with busy shopping days.

Retailers Poised to Increase Investment in Google’s PLAs for Upcoming Holiday Season

Search king Google is known for constantly tweaking its product line for marketers. In the past year, Google has been transitioning to the product listing ad (PLA) model for paid search. The format allows marketers to present rich information to online searchers including price, image and merchant name, instead of just text, and the software behind the system doesn’t require the marketer to add more keywords or text. A new Marin study finds that consumers are clicking on the PLAs at a high rate and this trend may encourage marketers to invest more in this form of paid search advertising.

New Display Ad Measurement System to Help Marketers

Publishers have been hearing marketer complaints about online ad space, especially for display ads. The gold standard for pricing ads is based on the number of impressions served. But, a significant number of these impressions are never seen by consumers. Now, Google has received accreditation for a new system that addresses this problem.

Google Aims to Increase its Share of Mobile Ad Dollars

Advertisers are rushing to get their messages onto mobile devices this year. In previous blog posts, I’ve written about the changing mobile market with respect to the strength of private publishers versus weakening ad networks. This shift largely impacts big players like Google and Apple. While Apple accounts for a significant share of ads served and marketer funds in the mobile market, Google hopes to change all that.

Content Marketers Use Google’s Structured Data to Boost SEO

Businesses must constantly evaluate the ROI of their marketing campaigns. In recent years, reports have indicated that blogs have fallen out of favor while investment in social media has soared. Analysts also suggest that search could be under pressure from social media sites. But at least one search provider, Google, is tweaking the way search works and the company’s new offerings may have marketers rethinking content marketing, especially when it comes to authorship and publisher markup – or structured data.

Google+ Becomes a Destination for More Brands

Google+ launched with much fanfare last year. Since June 2011, over 90 million users have registered with the site. And, a significant number of brands are establishing themselves at Google+ as well.

Online Marketing Competition Increases with Introduction of Google+

Earlier this summer, tech giant Google launched Google+ as a tool to maintain its competitive position in the online industry. The way Eric Schmidt, former Google CEO, sees it, he ‘screwed up’ by not taking Facebook seriously enough. The company hopes Google+ will put a dent in the Facebook marketplace and some analysts believe the service will attract consumers and marketing dollars.

Marketers to Use Google/Facebook to Reach Elite Consumers

They are considered one of the most difficult audiences to reach – the educated and affluent. But once a marketer connects with this group, it can tap into the influence these consumers have over their friends and families. Increasingly, marketers can reach this select consumer group through Google and Facebook. However, they need to assure these consumers that they will protect their privacy.

Google: 5 Trends that Shape Digital Marketing Today

Whenever and wherever our Google overlords speak, I get my butt in that room and listen. They seem to know way more about me than I’m comfortable with, so I’m going to learn all I can about them.

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