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Grocers Rev Up the Fun Factor to Lure Millennials

With Millennials now settling down and having children, they may be opting to buy and cook their own food rather than eat out. Full-service supermarkets have an opportunity to capture some of this spending. The Retail Feedback Group has studied consumer opinions on grocery stores and points out that these retailers must find the right balance between fun and the overall shopping experience to interest Millennials and keep them as long-term customers.

Grocers Turning to Apps to Connect with Customers

Supermarkets have long used traditional print circulars to reach their shoppers. But, these circulars can be inefficient in terms of reach and expensive to produce. The increasing penetration of smartphone users and their willingness to download apps are 2 factors that are contributing to a change in supermarket advertising according to a release from the 2013 Shopper Marketing Expo.

Large Retailers To Promote More Locally-Sourced Foods

Food retailers are hoping to increase their sales volume of locally sourced goods. This strategy can improve customer loyalty as the stores tap into the growing desire to ‘eat local’. However, marketers will need to carefully craft their messages to gain creditability with shoppers.

Grocers to Boost Prepared Food Promotion in 2012

As the new year progresses, consumers are getting the idea that any improvement in their personal financial situation will be gradual. At least one survey shows that the number of consumers who are very concerned about the economy has remained unchanged for nearly 3 years. But, they are growing tired of cutting their dining out budget and cooking at home. As consumers shift their habits, savvy marketers can increase market share.